Palliser Furniture is a Canadian furniture company with headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Abram Albert DeFehr, a Russian-born immigrant to Canada, started crafting wooden sculptures in the basement of his Winnipeg house in 1944. Within a few years, the enterprise moved from the basement into a former chicken farmhouse, which was considered Palliser's first-ever factory.

Palliser believes that their brand is everything. However, this brand isn't only about furnishings. According to them, the brand also represents the fantastic men and women that work behind the scenes. They're also proud of the customer service that goes along with their products. They place a high value on accountability to their customers, workers, and community.

They've focused on making excellent goods for the complete house and offering substantial value to their consumers since their inception in 1944. Today, they are dedicated to realizing this goal at every stage of the process, from conception to completion. Their ideals are evident in all they do, especially in how they treat their employees. This is a notoriously good sign because good employee treatment often equates to exemplary customer service. They believe every encounter with others is a chance for them to learn, grow, and impact the environment.

It is an honor for Palliser to be in the homes of customers all around the world. Their goal is to supply you with high-quality furniture that allows you to represent yourself. Palliser is delighted to be known as a style authority and design leader. Still, it's their reputation for excellence that they appreciate the most. With a single, unchanging dedication to quality, they manufacture stunning product lines that wow the market at every launch.

When they say they're quality freaks, they're not kidding. They are honored that their furniture will become a permanent fixture in your house and therefore take that duty seriously. They've developed their reputation over the last 70 years by producing high-quality home furnishings that outperform standards and transcend generations. Every piece of furniture they create is a one-of-a-kind work of art, created by a world-class team of skilled artisans. They start with the highest-quality materials, use the most cutting-edge production processes, and strive for continual development to meet and surpass their own world-class standards. This company is built on an unwavering commitment to creating fashionable, robust, comfortable, and long-lasting items.

Despite a significant restructuring, it was formerly the city's largest private-sector employer, employing more than 3,500 people in Manitoba. It is still one of Canada's major furniture makers today. However, the corporation was compelled to rethink itself due to shifting economic realities, the growing Canadian currency, and worldwide competitiveness. It has kept a low profile over the past few years while the downsizing has occurred, which is understandable.

In 2014, the firm celebrated its 70th anniversary, and the brand got a little more upmarket. Palliser has moved over 1,000 jobs from Winnipeg to Mexico, where the business currently controls three facilities during the previous eight or nine years. It presently employs around 1,100 people in Mexico and 600 in Winnipeg. The North American domestic furniture business took a beating after the housing market in the United States collapsed late last decade. Meanwhile, the Winnipeg-based family-owned company battened down the hatches. It is now predominantly a leather furniture firm that provides a rising number of mid-market specialty merchants with enhanced service, including bespoke ordering and higher-end design. You can find all their product offerings right here at Interiorbeat.

The better level of service, along with a value offer created in North America, results in a somewhat higher price point. But that also means it can create literally millions of unique combinations from more than 2,000 distinct shapes and frames, including Norman Couture's recently announced Pinnacle line.

Palliser had annual sales of close to $500 million at its height in the 1980s and 1990s, with 15 to 20% yearly growth. It is still a reputable company today, with about 2000 people spread among various sites and more than $100 million annual revenue.

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  • Palliser offers a stylish, massive furniture portfolio that has earned them a good reputation as a furniture maker.
  • They have a combined production experience of almost 70 years.
  • They take pride in the client service they provide in conjunction with their products.
  • Accountability to customers, employees, and the community is essential to them.
  • With a single, unchanging dedication to quality, they manufacture stunning product lines that wow the market at every launch.