By producing exceptional educational and creative goods, Pacon's ultimate purpose is to engage, inspire, and encourage teachers, students, and artists to achieve their best. They envision their goods assisting instructors, students, and artists in realizing their full potential.

Pacon products allow kids, parents, and instructors to let their imaginations run wild using products like construction paper, poster board, chenille stems, and wiggly eyes. Their educational and art supplies inspire innovation with reputable brands under them like Fadeless, Bordette, Tru-Ray, and Creativity Street. They aspire to develop cutting-edge goods that assist instructors in creating effective and engaging learning conditions for their pupils. Tru-Ray, Sunworks, and Art Street are some of their most well-known trademarks today.

Tru-Ray construction paper is one of the best on the market. It is famous among teachers because of its durability and wide range of vibrant, fade-resistant colors. It is created using a vat-dying method, which results in a deeper color pigment that is resistant to fading. As a result, projects last longer because they are brighter and more vibrant. Are you looking for a good deal and a good performance? SunWorks' heavyweight, school-grade construction paper is of excellent quality and offers the most outstanding value. Because it boasts bright, consistent colors and a smooth finish that cuts and folds smoothly without breaking, teachers choose SunWorks Construction Paper for school projects and other arts and crafts. Young painters may make unique masterpieces with less trash with Art Street lightweight construction paper. It's simple to cut or rip to create striking pieces of art, so it's great for beginners and basic tasks. This Lightweight Construction Paper can help you bring all of your innovative creations to life with its bright, exciting colors!

Pacon began as Paper Converters, Inc. in Appleton, Wisconsin, in 1951. Their product line expanded, and they quickly exceeded the space in an old paper mill. They moved to the Casaloma Drive location in 1968, where they are still functioning today. They continue to build and grow their company in order to provide their consumers with the most diverse choice of educational items available. They work hard to offer cutting-edge items for both the classroom and the home.

Pacon Lightweight Construction Paper is one of their most popular products today. This ten-color selection is ideal for novice arts and crafts and will please both youngsters and artistic adults. White, Sky Blue, Blue, Pink, Scarlet, Orange, Brown, Yellow, Green, and Black are some of the colors available. It's perfect for cutting, pasting, sketching, and folding, plus it is 100% recyclable.

Pacon is proud to work with organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Feed the Children, Fresh Artists, and the Kids in Need Foundation, to name a few. Pacon is also a member of the National Art Education Association and the EdMarket Association. They are honored to contribute all of their donated items to the Kids in Need Foundation. Every kid in America should have equal access to a decent education, after all. They are committed to working with teachers and children in under-resourced schools around the country to provide the materials that instructors and kids require to educate and learn. They share their beliefs and objectives and are excited to assist them in achieving this critical goal.

Pacon and Dixon Ticonderoga recently teamed together to assist every artist, student, and teacher in reaching their most tremendous potential. They do this because they think that creativity has the power to transform the world. This is why they create the most excellent pencil in the world, the finest creative papers, premium art materials, craft basics, and more- to provide everyone the tools and confidence they need to put pen to paper, make that first brushstroke, or communicate their ideas.

Dixon Ticonderoga is an equal opportunity company that values its workers and provides a demanding work environment. They offer competitive compensation as well as a complete benefits package that includes medical, dental, life, disability, and a 401(k) with a higher-than-average corporate match.

Pacon is a vast organization with over 200 employees across its sites. They generate well over 20 million dollars a year.

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  • Pacon's ultimate goal is to engage, inspire and empower teachers, students and artists to be their best by providing them superior educational and art products.
  • Their educational and art supplies inspire innovation with reputable brands under them.
  • They work hard to provide cutting-edge items for both the classroom and the home.
  • Pacon products are trusted by many teachers across the nation.
  • Pacon's corporate social responsibility measures are incredible. They are partners of many organizations with worthy causes.
  • They have more than 70 years of manufacturing experience.
  • Most of their products are made in the United States.
  • Pacon and Dixon are known to be great employers.