Since 1977, Overman has been creating attractive and comfortable furniture. They make inexpensive sofas, loveseats, sleepers, chairs, ottomans, and bedroom furniture for every style from their facility in East Tennessee.

Their budget sofas, loveseats, sleepers, rockers, ottomans, and bedroom furniture all have molded Expandable PolyStyrene frames and are exceedingly rare. This method generates a one-piece, lightweight, yet exceptionally resilient furniture frame using groundbreaking techniques invented by its originator in Scandinavia in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Overman provides elegant, sturdy, and comfortable goods that you'll enjoy for years to come, whether you want an accent chair, soft seating, or a whole living room set. Their primary aim is to provide high-quality, comfy, and attractive furniture. These unique, lightweight frames are even more durable than traditional wood frames. 

The Pod Swivel Lounge Chair is one of their most distinctive items. An eye-catching swivel pod lounge chair with various tones of rich reddish-orange and olive green in a beautifully silky genuine leather. The armchair is guaranteed to look great in a mid-century living room, workplace, co-working area, or even a café. With a padded leather seat, the chair is incredibly comfy. The chair's interior body is comprised of rigid foam with a small layer of padding.

With their specialized machinery, Overman also makes elegant, long-lasting kitchen cabinet components. For years to come, the water-based primer and UV topcoat used for all treatments will keep your cabinet components appearing brand new. This ecologically friendly method offers cost-effective finishing while meeting any volume needs. With 36 various styles and eight colors to select from, you'll be able to get that unique look you've been looking for in no time. Check them out here at Interiorbeat.

Innovative bed frames are one of their newest products. They are happy to introduce their latest innovation, SOVA Foundations. This bed frame is lightweight, robust, and easy to put together without the use of any equipment.

This company's methodology is equally as outstanding as its products. For example, upholstery coverings for their frames are made to fit and complete these one-piece frames perfectly. Their design staff and product development professionals appear to have worked hard on this. A cut and sew section produces the covers. To assure quality and repeatability, they use a CAD technique for their cutting and patterning. Their professional upholsterers remove covers and attach them to the frames, making sure the fit and quality are perfect along the way. The newly upholstered frame travels from upholstery to inspection and packing.

The chairs are tested for various quality criteria after they enter inspection and are only passed if they fulfill all of the requirements. All extra components, such as legs, bases, and cushions, are verified and attached to the item during this procedure. Their forward-thinking approach does not end with frame building; it also extends to packaging and shipping. When the goods are ready to ship, labels and boxes are matched to the product. Their shipping and packing system is set up to accommodate a large number of drop-ship orders. 

Overman recognizes their influence on the future by seeking continual improvements, such as an Energy Management Awareness Program and advocacy for sustainable power. Every single one of their staff is committed to producing high-quality furniture and offering outstanding customer service. They also place high importance on their personnel. In fact, their longest-serving employee came to the United States from Sweden to work for Overman and has stayed with the company for almost 40 years. The craftsmanship and relaxation you can expect from Overman result from that level of dedication.

Initially established by Carl Eric Klote as Klote International, their items have been quite popular. Surprisingly, Vintage Overman objects remain pretty desirable, with some pieces fetching upwards of $3500! 

Overman International is a pretty profitable company, generating about $20 million in yearly revenue and employing around 100 employees throughout its several locations.

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  • Overman has been making stylish and comfy furniture since 1977. They make low-cost seating and bedroom furniture in a variety of styles. That's almost half a century of experience.
  • If you're looking for an alternative to wood frames for your furniture, they're the place to go. The frames on all of their goods are molded Expandable PolyStyrene.
  • This firm's manufacturing process is just as impressive as its products.
  • The company makes outstanding environmental efforts.
  • This business is well-known for treating its employees decently. They have had a solid employer reputation through the years.
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