Massage chairs are becoming a thing in recent years, and the number of options in the market has ballooned as many manufacturers want a piece of the pie. Osaki has been one of the tried and tested brands in this space, and they don't plan on slowing down.

Osaki is under the Titan World Corporation, one of the largest providers and distributors of electric massage chairs, handheld massagers, foot massagers, fitness machines, and back relief products. They specialize in importing and distributing direct to customers at rates substantially below competitor firms' retail prices, resulting in high-quality items and outstanding customer service. They aim for and ensure client pleasure in all aspects of their business, whether sales or maintenance.

Titan makes it a top priority to assist you in relaxing your body so you may live a more active lifestyle. They work directly with the world's leading massage and relaxation product manufacturers like Osaki to meet your needs in terms of health and affordability.

When it comes to massage chairs, Japanese models have long been considered the best. You might be asking why it matters if a massage chair is made in Japan, China, or the United States, but it matters a lot to discerning massage chair consumers!

Here are the key distinctions, which all have to do with the chair's construction quality. First, Japanese and American chairs will typically last 15 years or more; Chinese-made chairs will typically last up to 10 years. Japanese and American chairs have a failure rate of less than 1 percent, while Chinese ones have a failure rate of 2-5 percent, which can be considerably more significant if the chair is made in a smaller, less well-known Chinese factory. Furthermore, quality monitoring in Japanese and American firms is notoriously more stringent.

Osaki has announced two new models to the US market, both of which are made entirely in Japan. The chair versions are manufactured by Fuji Medical Instruments Mfg. Co., Ltd., which is one of Japan's oldest massage chair producers and, in fact, one of the world's oldest because massage chairs were invented in Japan. It was actually this business that created the first commercially available massage chair with a roller track.

One of the versions, the Osaki-JP Premium 4S, is perhaps the most popular massage chair in Japan right now. The Osaki OS-4D Pro Jp Premium is the other model, which is an older one that has proven to be fairly popular among consumers searching for Japanese-only massage chairs. The 4S is a brand-new model that was just released in the United States.

The Osaki OS-4D Pro JP Premium has 4D Massage Rollers, which may appear to be a marketing ploy at first, but the idea is that the rollers can travel forward and back to change the strength of the roller massage. This is referred to as 3D. It also features a roller speed control, which is what the 4th D is for. The rollers are dual, not quad, but they are highly clever and can provide a firm massage to the user.

It also has 43 airbags, which deliver compression massage to parts of the body that the rollers can't reach, such as the seat, arms, hips, waist, shoulders, feet, and calves. Users love how it adds to the whole experience of a full-body massage. The 10 Auto Programs are also a nice feature since they provide a lot of flexibility for a wide range of users.

Versatile Massage Rollers are a pair of dual rollers that can deliver a variety of massage modes to provide varied therapeutic advantages for your muscles. The fact that it has two fewer rollers than other Chinese chairs has no impact on the massage experience. In some respects, it may even be preferable because the rollers can dig deeper without being hampered by the lower two rollers.

A 3D Navigation System used in these chairs maps out the form of your spine to provide you with a personalized and accurate massage. The scanning device does more than simply measure your head and shoulder posture; it also maps out the geography of your spine. The included quick remote control is also very quick and straightforward to use.

Osaki is a loved brand in this space, and they have amassed their share of loyal customers and raving fans over the years.

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  • Most, if not all of Osaki products are made in Japan, and experts will tell you they’re an elite array of products.
  • Osaki has been the top choice for therapists and enthusiasts alike.
  • Osaki has been favored by the most discriminating massage chair users.
  • Their products come with an extensive warranty and stellar customer service.
  • These chairs will last for approximately 5 more years than that of other brands.
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