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Leather furnishings are still the most sought-after items for homes anywhere. You can never go wrong with leather, regardless of your living room's theme, really. And because such products are wildly expensive, you want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

The Omnia Leather company was founded by two Italian families to combine European leather with American workmanship. They developed a fully integrated production facility in California over 30 years ago, importing excellent grade 100 percent top-grain hides from among the world's oldest tanneries.

Omnia has risen in leaps and bounds since then, thanks to the leadership of a new generation. Retailers, designers, and hospitality companies around the country have welcomed the ever-growing style range, great leather offering, and superior craftsmanship. One look at their items, and you can clearly see why this company is widely accepted.

Omnia is the leading manufacturer of semi-custom leather and fabric upholstery. Omnia provides the most extensive assortment and highest quality product accessible today, thanks to its over 25 years of design and production experience. That's why Omnia gives consumers limitless options for creating something really unique. Every style imaginable, in all forms and sizes, is available in their style collection. Choose from hundreds of top-grain leathers, high-end textiles, or a mix of the two. 

In-house cutting, stitching, and framing are among the company's building processes. They include tempered steel spring suspension with tie wire, ensuring the user's comfort at all times. Their goods' outside arms and backs are cushioned with polyurethane and insulated for a sturdy form and wear. Most of their pieces have removable seats and backs, making them very easy to repair.

The brand offers over 200 motion and stationary types, many of them also serving as sleeping furniture. Most of their product lines have a seemingly endless array of styles and finishes to choose from. In the form of a cross-sectional, a solitary recliner, or a home theater sofa, one color may look stunning.

As the company name indicates, the star of the show is, you guessed it, leather. The firm boasts that all of its items are made entirely of top-grain leather. No bonded leathers, split skins, or vinyl will ever be seen. The firm offers over 200 leathers in 30 different sorts, including unique designs and hair on hide. They also offer over 100 quality fabrics to choose from. Additionally, they provide two-tone leather alternatives as well as fabric/leather combos for custom designs!

The Omnia Ponza cross-sectional takes inspiration from its Italian traditions to reflect your personal taste and create a modern luxury refuge. This is one of six designs in their Bergamo Collection, all of which have three seat width choices and come equipped with a motorized tilt headrest.

The Dakota Style chair is another notable piece from their collection. The key arm is a classic track arm modification that adds flair to its look, with a split chaise design as standard.  

Suppose you're looking for a fashionable couch to furnish your home theatre. In that case, they have the Omnia Axel push-back or power recliner, which exemplifies Mid-Century styling at its best. The angular wood frame comes in a variety of wood finishes.

Perch on their Omnia Ranch swivel stool to socialize in elegance. Long bar conversations are encouraged by the seat's substantial padding. This piece is available in various finishes and heights, including counter and bar heights, with or without arms.

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  • They import top-grain hides in excellent condition from some of the world's oldest tanneries.
  • All of their furniture is made in the United States.
  • They possess over 30 years of manufacturing mastery in the leather niche.
  • Omnia is the world's largest maker of semi-custom leather and fabric upholstery, offering the most comprehensive selection and finest quality products available.
  • Their selection has every style possible in all shapes and sizes. Hundreds of top-grain leathers, high-end fabrics, or a combination of the two are available.
  • All of the company's products are crafted exclusively of top-grain leather, according to the company. There will be no bonded leathers, split skins, or vinyl.
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