Oklahoma Sound

Oklahoma Sound, now known as National Public Seating (NPS), is the top brand for outfitting numerous institutions around the United States, and they take pleasure in the high quality and longevity of their products. This brand's tables, seats, stools, and cabinets may be seen in schools, auditoriums, cafeterias, and worship centers around the country.

Oklahoma Sound, a furniture provider specializing in public speaking and AV equipment, was founded in 1981. They rapidly saw a desire for additional durable and well-made furniture, such as cabinets and podiums, and began planning to produce these items from the ground up. It was a big success, and the brand's next step was to manufacture chairs and tables. National Public Seating was founded in 1997 as a result of this. Since then, they've been developing new and well-designed essentials for businesses around the country, earning a name as a reliable source for long-lasting equipment. Eventually, they adapted National Public Seating as the name of their entire brand.

NPS is recognized for its dependable goods as well as its unwavering dedication to environmental improvement. The majority of the raw materials they utilize, such as steel, plastic, and wood, are recycled to varying degrees. They've also developed a number of methods to reduce their carbon footprint, such as installing eco-friendly lighting and using solar energy to produce 80 percent of the power utilized at its Clifton, New Jersey headquarters.

The company also appears to prioritize durability and comfort in all of its products. They make sure that everything they make is of industrial-grade quality. Not only do the furnishings go through a thorough production and testing procedure to ensure that they meet all industry requirements, but they also go above and above to ensure that they are as long-lasting as possible. Their products have lasted multiple generations in many establishments.

In its New Jersey facility, a vast team of designers and engineers work relentlessly to invent and construct effective, adaptable, and comfortable equipment for NPS. The large number of institutions that rely on them for vital equipment is the best confirmation of their products' high quality. Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly good, with praises about the sturdiness, comfort, and high-quality materials.

Their fascinating assortment of up-and-coming items is awe-inspiring, and it goes to show how, despite its success over the years, this brand never ceases developing and improving. For example, the CLT Series Collaborator Table is a fantastic addition to any home or office. It is welcoming, comfy, long-lasting, fashionable, and secure. This is a wish list of what furnishings should be included in today's stylish cafeterias. Tops in 1" HPL, 1" Butcherblock, or Whiteboard Industrial Grade assist in optimizing the use of your area. Tabletops are welded on an 8-gauge X-base structure with 5-gauge support plates. It's a flexible item because it's available in both dining and bar heights. Crossbeams are included in bar height tables for added stability.

Here at Interiorbeat, we attempt to present the top brands in terms of quality and cost so that you can discover a variety of National Public Seating goods. NPS equipment's superior quality and dependability have been demonstrated time and time again. This, together with their dedication to environmental stewardship, makes us happy to have this company on our list.

Where to buy Oklahoma Sound

Why buy Oklahoma Sound

  • Tables, seats, cabinets, and other essentials are of industrial quality and have undergone extensive testing to assure long-term dependability.
  • Oklahoma Sound has included various eco-friendly ways to its production process, in addition to employing and reprocessing recycled materials.
  • A brilliant team of engineers and designers at Oklahoma Sound ensures that all elements are practical and well-thought-out.
  • Customer feedback is typically excellent, with many praising the items' durability and comfort.
  • For many schools and other organizations around the country, this company has been the go-to furniture brand.