OIC, which stands for Office Interior Concepts, is a prominent furniture company committed to enhancing and inspiring business environments. This company collaboratively approaches design and furnishings choices. They say their service begins with a profound grasp of your business and culture. Your objectives and work routines will influence and motivate the decisions you make together with them in order to create a beautiful place with practical furnishings that work just as hard as you do.

They are a full-service dealership that offers goods and services to both small and big businesses, as well as the healthcare, hotel, and education industries. Their Portland exhibit contains modular glass walls, workstations, private offices, training, and conference desks, as well as height-adjustable tables and ergonomic seating, thanks to their connection to over 150 furniture manufacturers and distributors. You can find these incredible products at Interiorbeat.

Collaborative lounges are one of their most popular product categories today. These sets are believed to be suitable for use in both living rooms and reception spaces. These multifunctional items are intriguing, to say the least. The Davis Nora Set is one of the most favorite products in the collection. Nora can be used in a variety of applications and situations because of its substantial line depth and universal design approach. Nora may be utilized alone or in combination to create a range of community lounge areas, including three-seat couch units and benches, as well as tables in seven different sizes. Nora is defined by its clean lines and beautifully crafted features, and it may be used in a variety of settings. It's crafted with sturdy wood frames and finished with powder grey upholstery. It will surely elevate the appearance of any living room or reception area.

One of their chairs, the Caprice, is another product that sets them apart. Caprice is a light-scale guest chair that comes in a variety of leg combinations. This award-winning series has a light-scale circular tube frame in a contemporary style. Arm caps made of molded black polypropylene add to the chair's comfort and durability. Standard features include a polished seat bottom and long-lasting black bullet-type glides. Optional steel self-leveling rubber padded glide is also available. Fabric, vinyl, and leather are all options for this item. This chair is a practical combination of function and customization.

OIC also manufactures seats for healthcare facilities. Suppose you're a consumer looking to furnish their clinic or hospital. In that case, OIC has some of the most appropriate furnishings for such areas. For example, the Carolina Serony series is a beautiful clinic piece. The Serony combines the strength of metal with cleanable components in a warm, pleasant, and fashionable form. It is refined, contoured, and created for durability with today's contemporary facilities in mind. The design style may be continued across any building with the whole family of chairs. The Serony Collection benefits public and patient spaces.

OIC has evolved into a full-service furniture dealer throughout the years. Their products evolved from multi-purpose chairs to specialized seating solutions for a variety of applications. This lateral expansion is credited to the company's research and development department, which helped them keep ahead of industry trends. Their R&D expenditures clearly paid off.

Their services also include design advice and site development, ergonomics evaluation, project planning, transport, setup, furniture selection, and procurement, all of which are backed by a skilled and devoted workforce. They are a part of Office Products Nationwide and a supporter of the Oregon Natural Step Network. They have implemented various eco-friendly activities in their operations. This entity also takes its corporate social responsibility seriously. A part of their revenues is donated to the Oregon Food Bank, Easter Seals Oregon, and the American Diabetes Association, Oregon chapter.

OIC is a locally owned and operated business, with management on-site and actively involved in ensuring a safe, clean, and well-organized workplace, as well as employee and customer satisfaction. The maintenance supervisor and employees and a robust network of on-call contractors provide meticulous daily care and stay on-call. Clearly, their workplace standards are unrivaled.

They take a collaborative approach to workplace design at Office Interior Concepts. The design of your attractive, effective work environment will be shaped and informed by your objectives and work routines.

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  • OIC is a prominent furniture company committed to enhancing and inspiring business environments. This brand is recommended if you're looking to outfit your office or company.
  • They are a full-service dealership that offers goods and services to both small and big businesses and the healthcare, hotel, and education industries.
  • The company has an impressive R&D team, which will ensure that your items and the ones they'll offer in the future are trendy as well as functional.
  • This company takes its corporate social responsibilities seriously. You'll be happy to learn that a portion of what you're paying them goes to worthy causes.
  • OIC manufactures all of its products in the United States.