Ogawa, which translates to "stream" in Japanese, signifies the smooth yet ever-soothing flow of water that continues to inspire life wherever it flows, changing the surroundings into something beautiful. Ogawa takes pleasure in producing breakthrough ideas to innovate, great engineering techniques to give unforgettable experiences, and world-class design for a touch of elegance and exclusivity, with fore frontal expertise and control in every element of its product development and creation.

Ogawa is a health and wellness retail business in Malaysia that was founded in 1996. Since then, Ogawa has evolved to become Malaysia's top designer, developer, and marketer of health and wellness equipment. Ogawa's mission is to promote a better living via the development of high-quality, innovative goods. They currently provide massage chairs, gym equipment, foot massagers, and car seat goods, all of which are relatively unified.

Their state-of-the-art Master Drive featuring AI technology in Ogawa Massage Chairs delivers you a tailored massage experience created just for you! Ogawa has a massage chair to meet your needs and your budget. Regardless of your preference, all of their massage chairs have the same purpose in mind: to relax and pamper you. Incorporating fundamental advances from all previous generations of gear technology has resulted in a highly optimized system. A seamless blend of prolonged massage sessions enhanced 3D Motions of personal massage rollers, and a broad array of protrusion ensures complete massage coverage. These chairs are capable of incorporating and performing a wide range of massage treatments. Various massage programs are capable of intelligently mixing and combining several massage techniques into intricate combinations, not just to meet unique lifestyle demands but also to let users fine-tune the massage parameters for increased accuracy, comfort, and power. These best-selling chairs are powered by the Master Drive Plus's groundbreaking M.5 Gen Technology, which integrates power and delicacy to deliver precise scanning and analysis. It gives a LIVE TOUCH that responds and modifies massage movements and intensity in real-time, mimicking the brain's role. The M.5 Gen mechanism, which has been upgraded with thermal processors, is capable of providing a human-like body massage with its separate thermal massage rollers.

The LIVE Touch technology's main inspiration is designing life-like treatments for true-to-life relaxation—an outstanding accomplishment with an elegance beyond machines. Ogawa Master Drive Plus is offered in two new types, one for a complex experience and the other with Artificial Intelligence. It was designed using the wisdom of Eastern healing and Japanese technology. It also includes an acupuncture treatment that combines this Traditional Chinese Medicine physical therapy with acupuncture to alleviate chronic musculoskeletal pain and restore health and energy. Ogawa Master Drive Plus blends Chiropractic and Spinal Therapy procedures into the massage mechanism to promote improved flexibility and overall wellness. A revitalizing experience awaits you at home, with a variety of models to fit your budget.

Ogawa Foot Massagers are also available to make sure that your hard work is adequately rewarded, whether you're watching TV, reading a book, or sleeping with your eyes closed. All of their workout equipment is cutting-edge and functional. They provide you with the comfort you require while also assisting you in burning calories at a high rate.

When a recent research study was undertaken with Ogawa's flagship commodity, Ogawa Master Drive AI, the company recently declared its research findings effort conducted in partnership with University Malaya assessing the effectiveness of a massage chair therapy and investigating the potential progress of blood circulation and sleep quality. The study revealed that 100 percent of the people involved demonstrated highly substantial improvement in blood circulation: 81.32 percent using the Ogawa Master Drive AI M6 Massage software and 43.48 percent using the Blood Circulation system, while 100 percent of the participants reported an increase in sleep quality, with up to 88.73 percent progressing in sleep efficiency through the Blood Circulation program.

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  • They have about 30 years of expertise in the wellness furniture manufacturing sector.
  • Ogawa enjoys coming up with innovative ideas and developing cutting-edge engineering approaches in their field.
  • Their cutting-edge technology Massage Chairs with AI technology from their Master Drive category provide you with an unrivaled personalized massage experience.
  • They have undertaken several studies that support the scientific community's acceptance of their products.
  • They have a slew of patents to their credit.