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This firm prioritizes comfort and design while maintaining a cost-conscious strategy that appears to prioritize its customers.

With all of the sophisticated styles available at Offices to Go, it's effortless for a budget-conscious company to get high-quality office furniture at a reasonable price.

Since its beginning in 2006, Offices to Go, a branch of Global Furniture Group, has been a leading provider of cost-effective office furniture solutions. Seating, workstations, tables, and ergonomic accessories are just a few of the items available. To preserve your long-term investment, Offices to Go products are high-value and manufactured to commercial grade requirements. All Offices To Go items are made by recognized manufacturers and have undergone rigorous testing in accordance with ANSI and BIFMA standards. They are dedicated to creating objects in the most environmentally friendly manner possible while also guaranteeing that they pass stringent quality control.

Offices to Go chairs are second to none in terms of comfort and style when it comes to seating options. To complement any workplace atmosphere, choose from a choice of multi-purpose, task, mesh, management, Luxhide, and guest chairs.

One of their most successful product offerings to date is the Mesh Synchro-Tilter. It has an elegant black mesh back with a breathable mesh fabric seat, pneumatic seat height adjustment, height-adjustable armrests, and multiple-position seat tilt lock with an anti-kickback feature. With this seat at your office, you won't have to worry about back pain or any similar discomfort.

In the same manner of manufacturing excellence, Offices to Go desking and tables integrate design with a utility to assist a broad range of office applications. Offices to Go provides solutions that will surpass your expectations while staying within your budget, from private offices to communal spaces, boardrooms, and waiting areas.

One of the most popular items in this collection is the Bow Front Desk Shell. Autumn Walnut, American Mahogany, American Dark Cherry, American Espresso, and Artisan Grey are among the five modern finishes available. They make it really difficult to make a choice! All of these finishes have 3mm impact-resistant edges that match. Pedestals, lateral files, and multi-storage file holders are all intended to work together.  Metal pins and cam fasteners have been engineered to make assembly as simple as possible. For further strength and stiffness, metal brackets are incorporated.

All Offices To Go products are meant to be easy to assemble. Easy-to-follow instructions and clear images are included with each product.

Black patterned upholstery, dark mesh, or dark leather fabrics are available in most Offices to Go fabric chairs. Luxhide seating surfaces, composed of bonded leather with matching simulated leather trim, are also seen on Offices to Go Luxhide chairs. Luxhide is made up of 15% genuine leather fibers.

All Offices To Go seating and desking products are in adherence with strict emission rules set out by the Greenguard Environmental Institute under the benchmarks for low emitting products and substances.

Through its excellent design and manufacturing, Offices to Go has positioned itself quite well in the office furniture industry. They are unquestionably one of the most potent forces in space. This company, which was founded in 2006, employs approximately 50 people in its Houston, Texas production plant.

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  • With all of the sophisticated styles offered at Offices to Go, finding high-quality office furniture at a fair price is easy for a budget-conscious organization.
  • While maintaining a cost-conscious strategy that looks to favor its clients, this company promotes comfort and design.
  • All Offices To Go products are manufactured by reputable companies and have passed extensive testing in compliance with ANSI and BIFMA guidelines.
  • They are committed to producing things that are as ecologically friendly as possible while yet passing thorough quality checks.
  • All Offices To Go products are designed to be simple to put together. Each product comes with easy-to-follow instructions and detailed photos.