With over 35 years of manufacturing expertise in the office goods sector, Officemate is a prominent producer of office supplies. The firm has expanded from a single garage with a few goods to a global network of production, warehouse, and office facilities, resulting in a product range of over a thousand office necessities. The firm benefits from having production and distribution facilities in both the US and China, as well as a dispatch center in Hong Kong that acts as the company's sourcing and logistics hub. In addition to its North American and Asian operations, the firm maintains a worldwide emphasis and has opened a European office.

Thousands of office product distributors and retailers throughout the world choose Officemate and Private Label as their preferred source of office supplies. The creation of unique value-added goods is indeed a primary goal for this brand. They design technologies to add value or incrementally improve their clients' businesses in today's quickly changing environment.

This firm offers a diverse range of sign holders and literature holders, a whole array of goods that are both clear and durable. Their Achieva Trademark School and Education Product line include rulers, sharpeners, erasers, and a variety of other school supplies that are well-designed and colorfully packed for the school and college market. On the other hand, their Achieva Desk Accessories are a well-designed and compact collection that maximizes workstation efficiency.

Verticalmate, a collection of unique cubicle solutions, is also one of their best-selling product lines. Verticalmate panel attachments help you make the most of your vertical space while keeping your desktop free of clutter. This company also provides desk accessories and wall files, which help to organize a congested workspace. The Series 2200, for example, is one of the company's best-selling models. Its goal is to keep all of your pens, pencils, and materials organized. It has a substantial weight with modern rounded edges and is made of solid weight plastic to provide many years of usage. It has three deep, tiered desk accessories/pencil cups for easy access, six swing-out clip compartments, and two open compartments for clips and fasteners.

Environmental protection measures taken by this firm are also impressive. For one thing, they're recognized for using a lot of recycled materials. They added to their already unique collection of recycled desk accessories and workplace supplies. They're also proud of their PVC-free color-coated paper clips, as well as a variety of other "green" goods in their current product ranges. Their corporate social responsibility initiatives are likewise commendable. They have strong ties with many charitable institutions. With the goal to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, they've created a number of pink-themed products to help raise awareness for this vital cause.

Officemate is also proud of its history of producing high-quality items at outrageously low pricing. According to the firm, Officemate began a manufacturing program years ago that ensures that its goods are manufactured under their supervision and to the highest quality standards. Their Edison, New Jersey facility, as well as their wholly-owned China factory, produces a variety of high-volume items. They offer exceptional products at competitive prices to buyers of all sizes because of their strict quality control, product development, and efficient operations.

Over the years, Officemate has developed a simple ordering method that is complemented by excellent customer service. This company now has a good reputation for providing exceptional people and electronic customer service. Furthermore, Officemate provides convenient EDI programs for their customers who have EDI capabilities. Officemate's international network of distribution and shipping facilities guarantees that items arrive on schedule and in good condition. In terms of delivery, dependability, and service, their clients regularly rank Officemate as a top provider.

Officemate is a massive conglomerate with over 200 employees across its sites. They generate well over 30 million dollars in reported annual revenue.

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  • Officemate is a well-known manufacturer of office supplies with over 35 years of experience in the industry.
  • Officemate and Private Label are the chosen suppliers for thousands of office product distributors and retailers throughout the world.
  • The main objective for this brand is the production of unique value-added items.
  • In today's rapidly changing world, they build technology that adds value or progressively enhances their clients' enterprises.
  • Officemate is also proud of its track record of offering high-quality products at rock-bottom prices.