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New Ridge Home Goods sells furniture worldwide, focusing on style, quality, and functionality. Despite its Virginia heritage, it has extended its storage in Thomasville, North Carolina, to serve its customers better. Of course, you can check out their selections right here at Interiorbeats for the best deals.

For the past two decades, their parent company has been producing high-quality solid wood items. Their beautiful bathroom and accent furniture has long been admired for its timeless beauty, style, precision craftsmanship, and overall quality.

According to the owners, New Ridge Home abides by its company concepts, which have propelled them to success. Natural beauty is the first of these ideas. They claim that the splendor of the New River Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains influenced their designs. Solid wood has been prized for its adaptability and beauty for generations. Its warm, rich tones have made it a favorite of designers. Grain and color variation contributes to a texture and character that is significantly superior to that of inferior materials.

All of the furniture at New Ridge Home Goods is crafted entirely of natural solid wood.  For quality, longevity, sturdiness, and aesthetics, they believe nothing beats solid hardwood. Various stain colors and finishes bring out hardwood's natural grain and texture more authentically and appealingly than wood veneers or particle boards. Solid wood has a conformable quality that enables it to be turned into ready-to-assemble furniture. They feature a vast selection of colors and styles, from vibrant modern white to dark classic antique chestnut and everything in between. The use of stain colors on natural hardwood creates a look unique to these types of accent pieces. 

Their design method focuses on minor details, such as color-matched metal connectors that blend in with the surrounding wood finish. This level of precision, which is generally reserved for luxury designer cabinetry, perfectly exemplifies their dedication to design. The products from New Ridge Home Goods are quietly lovely and help you manage your home beautifully.

The majority of producers concentrate on making available goods at the expense of style and personality. New Ridge Home Goods started the design process to create economical compact household furniture with attractive design aspects generally reserved for more intricate and pricey furniture. Throughout this process, it became clear to the owners that the foundation for all other design decisions would be simple. Each item would be made entirely of solid hardwood.

The growing trend of 'smaller and smarter' living has led many furniture consumers to discover that finding household items that are both functional and appealing can be difficult. Focusing on making home products that fit well in small areas can lead to functional but uninteresting objects. Valuable goods do not have to be ugly to be useful; in well-made pieces that enrich your house, both concepts should be equally significant. This is the beginning point for all planning decisions at New Ridge Home Goods - goods must function well as storage solutions and look excellent in every way.

Professional designers design their items at every stage of the planning and manufacturing process. This dedication results in a product that meets customer expectations and ensures that it is simple to construct while maintaining the appearance of high-quality furniture. Their in-house, skilled designers enable factory engineers to make their products more efficiently and with less waste, allowing them to keep prices low.

Quality artistry and attention to detail are the hallmarks of New Ridge Home Goods. They could maintain the highest technical requirements and create products on a big scale without sacrificing quality by investing in technology. Each finished item is crisp and consistent in form and appearance and durable, reliable, and simple to assemble, thanks to comprehensive and severe quality control processes.

Unlike other solid wood ready-to-assemble furniture lines, New Ridge Home Goods offers 11 trendy finishes in addition to the traditional white, brown, and black. New Ridge Home Goods makes the most of every piece of wood used in the manufacturing process, leaving nothing to waste. The material is used entirely, including sawdust, which generates steam for the dry kiln room and press machine. This manufacturer meticulously picks the most superior quality materials for their furniture, adhering to worldwide standard criteria.

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  • This brand is the perfect choice if you’re looking for solid wood furniture. Majority of their items are made of wood.
  • New Ridge Home Goods provides 11 modern finishes in addition to the usual white, brown, and black, unlike other solid wood ready-to-assemble furniture brands.
  • Their parent company has been making high-quality solid wood goods for the previous two decades. That's quite a solid company reputation.
  • New Ridge Home Goods is known for its artistry and attention to detail.
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