Having a business comes with a lot of obligations. You have a lot of duties, from billing to updating your books. Needless to say, you'll need the correct tools to keep your business running smoothly—without losing track of what you're doing. There are a variety of accounting tools available for businesses, and the challenge is to figure out which tool for small businesses is ideal for you. The Neat Company specializes in this field, offering small and large enterprises alike clever and unique accounting and organizing solutions. They offer hardware as well as software products.

Neat envisions a world in which small business owners maximize their company's growth, and software alters traditional accounting to review the past while also speeding up the future. Support, curiosity, empowerment, and sound judgment are said to be essential values of this firm. When they work with their clients at Neat, they say they always start with active listening. After all, they want to win as a team. Education is apparently in their DNA because they always appear to want to learn and share what they've learned to achieve mutual achievement. Curiosity is said to be what pushes the people behind Neat to question themselves and their beliefs to improve the product and experience they provide. They develop solutions that enable their clients to complete tasks independently, whenever, and wherever they choose. The company claims to put its faith in its team and partners, and they do everything they can to help them work smarter. Support is the foundation of empowerment, and curiosity is the fuel that keeps it going. Even when there is ambiguity, they discover core reasons and offer solutions beyond merely treating symptoms.

One of their most popular product lines now is NeatReceipts. The NeatReceipts Mobile Scanner with a Digital Filing System, for example, is an excellent tool for small businesses, albeit it is limited to the Apple computer ecosystem due to its exclusivity. Say hello to your digitally organized self. NeatReceipts for Mac includes receipt and document scanning, intelligent text recognition, professional expenditure reports, document collections, searchable PDFs, and more! In a familiar Max OS X interface, scan and organize receipts and papers. Make expenditure reports, keep track of your spending, and build a searchable PDF document collection. This device allows you to scan receipts and documents and organize stores, and protect them. The unique system automatically recognizes and extracts relevant data and arranges it for you. Create searchable PDF files from any document by converting receipts into expenditure reports. Information may be exported to PDF and Excel. NeatReceipts for Mac was designed to look and feel like the programs you use every day on your Mac.

In the world of technology, Neat has a unique narrative to tell. After launching a desktop expense tool, Neat was the first provider to produce a completely integrated software/hardware bundle. The combination of Neat software and Neat Scanners was a first in the industry. By assisting homes with organization requirements and small companies with cost and document management, Neat has grown to support over two million individuals and enterprises.

The business began as a desktop software program to handle costs and paperwork in Philadelphia in 2002. After two years, the NeatReceipts, a sheet-fed scanner with included desktop software for storing and organizing scanned documents, was the company's first tangible product. In the years that followed, the firm has released the NeatDesk, its first ADF desktop scanner with associated desktop software, NeatCloud for storing and managing digital documents, and Neat sunsets, its standard desktop software app to focus future development resources on cloud/SaaS applications. With the debut of NeatBooks and NeatInvoices, Neat has evolved into a full-service bookkeeping application. You may now use your mobile device to access bookkeeping, invoicing, and file management.

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  • Neat is an impressive company, with a very high rating among users.
  • The NeatReceipts is the perfect accounting and organization tool for the modern-day small business owner.
  • NeatReceipts provides receipt and document scanning, intelligent text recognition, professional expenditure reports, document collections, searchable PDFs, and more.
  • Neat has a slew of patents to its credit.
  • All their products are proudly made in the US.