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Miscellaneous decors appear to be an afterthought for many people when it comes to interior design. However, that doesn't seem to be a smart choice because no matter how minor they may seem, the lack of good décor renders an entire room dull even with great furniture and rugs. Enter Nearly Natural.

Nearly Natural is the place to go if you want greenery but don't want to deal with the time-consuming maintenance that indoor plants require. Because let's face it, not all people have the proverbial green thumb.

Welcome to the number one choice for prominent interior decorators and customers when it comes to imitation greenery.

These artificial indoor plant decors are expertly made in the United States by horticulturists utilizing the best materials to present a distinct aesthetic vision inspired by none other than nature. Their designs are just as lovely as a fresh bouquet, and they'll light your room for much longer - with no need for a green thumb.

Nearly Natural is the only artificial flower firm to hire head designers who have worked in the actual plant industry for many years. They source items based on a thorough understanding of the industry. Twice a year, they claim to travel worldwide in quest of the most lavish decor inspirations on the market. Their objective is to deliver great items that exceed customers' expectations at a fair and reasonable price.

Their experience stretches back over 75 years to Henry Friedmen, the father of the Nearly Natural family. Grandpa Nearly Natural was a well-known horticulturist, with several actual plant species named after him. The Nearly Natural family has been inspired and enthralled by the fantastic gifts that nature has to give for generations. This company understood that no matter how many people love plants as a beautifying agent for their homes, not all can handle them properly. Hence the idea for faux plants came about.

They now put their inspiration and experience to good use to make nature proud. Their works are meticulously designed and placed to resemble perfection. As an actual part of their quality control process, they claim to question themselves, "Would Grandpa approve?" with each new design.

The Artificial Olive Tree is one of their most popular items to date. It'll draw a lot of attention in any environment. This fake olive tree, with its imposing height of 82 inches, is the ideal vertical accent for your house. It features tiny, delicate brilliant green leaves on slender brown stalks that branch out. You've undoubtedly seen this customer-favorite tree on any home décor influencer's profile on social media. It is indeed very well-liked.

Many people admire this tree because of its elegant yet rustic appearance. It is light, slender, and airy. Fake olives adorn the top, making you feel as if you're wandering through the Italian countryside. Add this artificial olive tree to any area of your home to make it more beautiful. The company literature recommends a natural basket or any planter that blends with your existing décor. What's the best part? This tree goes with most themes.

This towering tree is perfect for high-ceilinged rooms and it works well in a bedroom, living room, dining table, or home office, regardless of the style of décor. House this tree to enrich your home, especially if you like the bohemian, minimalist, rustic, or Tuscan decor.

Nearly Natural's ideology, attention to detail, and commitment to customer service are likely the factors contributing to their current success level. They urge you to go through our online collection and to welcome a member of the Nearly Natural family into your house right now. Check some of their offerings here at Interiorbeat. 

Nearly Natural seeks to brighten your home or business by assisting you in finding the ideal present and hearing you exclaim, "Wow, they look so real, they're Nearly Natural!"

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  • If you want some greenery but don't want to deal with the time-consuming upkeep that indoor plants demand, Nearly Natural is the place to go.
  • These artificial indoor plant decors are skillfully handcrafted in the United States by horticulturists using the highest quality materials to showcase a distinct aesthetic vision inspired by nature.
  • Their patterns are just as gorgeous as a fresh bouquet, but they'll last far longer and don't require a green thumb to maintain.
  • They source things based on their extensive knowledge of the sector. They claim to go across the world twice a year in search of the most opulent interior design ideas available.
  • The 82-inch Artificial Olive Tree, one of their best-selling items, adds a lovely addition to any area and fits most patterns.
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