National Public Seating

National Public Seating (NPS) is the leading brand for furnishing various institutions across the U.S., and they pride themselves on their products’ excellent quality and durability. NPS tables, chairs, stools, and cabinets are used and enjoyed throughout the country in schools, auditoriums, cafeterias, and worship centers. 

In 1981, National Public Seating started out as Oklahoma Sound, a furniture supplier specializing in public speaking and AV equipment. They quickly felt the demand for other furnishings that were reliable and well-made, such as cabinets and podiums, and started making plans to manufacture these products from scratch. It was a huge success, and the next course of action for the brand was to produce chairs and tables. With this, National Public Seating was established in 1997. Since then, they have been creating innovative and well-designed necessities for industries around the country and have developed a reputation for being the competent go-to for equipment that will last a lifetime.

Aside from being known for its reliable products, NPS also has a steadfast commitment to environmental change. Most of the raw materials they use, such as steel, plastic, and wood, are made from varying degrees of recycled material. In addition, they have also implemented various processes to lessen their carbon footprint, such as installing eco-friendly lighting and utilizing solar energy to generate 80% of the electricity used in their corporate headquarters in Clifton, New Jersey.

For NPS, durability and comfort for all their products are the priority. They ensure that everything they produce is heavy-duty and industrial-grade quality. Not only do the furnishings go through a rigorous manufacturing and testing process to pass all the stringent industry standards, but they even go so far as to surpass these standards to make sure that products are as durable as possible.

A large team of designers and engineers in their New Jersey plant work tirelessly to create and produce functional, versatile, and comfortable equipment for NPS. There is no greater proof of their products’ excellent quality than the vast number of institutions that rely on them for necessary equipment. Customer reviews are also consistently positive, with an outpouring of raves for their sturdiness, comfort, and high-quality materials.

You can find various National Public Seating products here in Interiorbeat, where we strive to showcase the best brands in terms of quality and affordability. The excellent quality and reliability of NPS equipment have been proven time and again. This, coupled with their commitment to environmental sustainability, certainly makes us proud to have this brand on our list.

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Why buy National Public Seating

  • Tables, chairs, cabinets, and other necessities are industrial grade and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure reliable durability.
  • Aside from using and reprocessing recycled materials, NPS has also integrated several eco-friendly approaches to its manufacturing process.
  • NPS has a creative team of talented engineers and designers, ensuring that all pieces are functional and well thought out.
  • Customer reviews are consistently positive, with many commending the sturdiness and comfort of their products.
  • NPS has been the go-to furnishings brand for numerous schools and other establishments around the country.
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