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National Office Furniture entered the office furniture industry in 1980 with the purpose of standing out. This entity built a reputation by successfully delivering items on a budget and on time, determined to provide clients a better value with shorter lead times. Customers were lured to their abilities to innovate and build cutting-edge items while delivering personalized service and unforgettable experiences. That basis still remains true today. Their outstanding value, along with design-driven items, on-time delivery, and a commitment to superior customer service, has made them an unquestioned leader in the furniture market.

They say they are lucky to have a great legacy in wood manufacturing, environmental stewardship, and pride in artistry as a subsidiary of Kimball International. Like those of their parent company, their values and ethics are displayed daily by embodying their guiding principles and cultivating a caring culture that distinguishes them as a preferred employer in the state. They claim to have achieved success through developing long-term connections with customers, workers, suppliers, stockholders, and the localities in which they do business. They continue to demonstrate that we have the correct answers for every location by developing those connections and making it a point to do the right thing.

The Best of Year (BoY) in Interior Design is the industry's most prestigious awards program. The said award has become the ultimate measure of quality, honoring the year's most significant work as well as honoring designers, architects, and manufacturers from all around the world. The BOY is now in its 16th year and is dedicated to celebrating the most outstanding products, initiatives, and individuals of the year. National Furniture is thrilled that Eklund, one of their best-selling product lines, has been named an awardee in the Contract Highback Lounge category.

The Eklund line offers flexible options for small and large rooms. Eklund provides everything from isolated nooks to multi-seat solutions, whether your facility requires lounge items that give visual and acoustic isolation or goods that create a welcome setting for meetings. Its modular components may be adjusted, providing more flexibility and diversity to any location. Eklund's portfolio depth readily adapts to developing environments, with panel choices for privacy and softer acoustics, as well as the flexibility to handle big and trim combinations.

Their corporate headquarters is an excellent illustration of how National furniture can be employed in a variety of settings. The 50,000 square foot building, built by the world-famous Gensler design company, is full of inventive furnishings, advanced work settings, and a touch of whimsy and comedy everywhere. The headquarters demonstrates how customers may use National's solutions in their own locations, with places and furnishings that let people cooperate, learn, engage, and focus. Over 400 business employees are housed in the building, which offers collaboration, learning, interacting, and focusing areas. The Chicago Athenaeum awarded the facility a Green GOOD DESIGN award for its creativity, sustainability, and ecologically responsible design. The headquarters location is also utilized as a functional showroom to exhibit product capabilities and foster idea development with guests, with unusual product setups and forward-thinking product uses. Customers' use of National's furnishings in their own workstations is reflected in the Headquarters facility. National Furniture has designed floorplans based on activity-based space planning to reflect the transition in today's work settings. Employees might work in a variety of places depending on the task at hand. National furniture is used around the building to illustrate product capabilities, usefulness, and adaptability. 

National's commitment to working effectively while letting personnel work as they are most productive is shown in the innovative workplaces, meeting rooms, terminals, conference rooms, and collaborative places.

National Furniture has more than 500 employees across its locations and generates a respectable 50 million annual revenue.

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  • Customers are impressed by their abilities to innovate and build cutting-edge items while providing personalized service and unique experiences.
  • They have won multiple awards both for their products and their manufacturing facility.
  • They have been recognized by multiple entities for their environmental initiatives.
  • They manufacture all their products in the United States.