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Since 1951, Monarch Furniture has been somewhat a traditional furniture company. This locally and family-owned American corporation attempts to deliver unique furniture for most rooms in any home. 

They provide anything from reclining chairs to couches to unique stationary sectionals. They also assist you in combining colors, finishes, materials, and accessories to make your house look great and ultimately feel like home. They have matching coffee tables, cabinets, and accessories built with durability to last for many years.

All of their sectionals, couches, and recliners come in a variety of fabric and leather choices directly from the manufacturer. You may pick the perfect color to give your living room the aesthetic you've always desired. The bright chestnut brown hue of the Reed Sectional collection stands out in particular. With this as a centerpiece for your living room, you'll surely rake in a bunch of compliments from family and friends.

Their bedroom collections provide something for everyone to drift off to sleep. You'll notice a wide range of wood treatments and other materials that are both attractive and low-maintenance. With these lovely products, you may make your bedroom a pleasant haven for sleep and relaxation. Monarch also creates bedroom furniture tailored exquisitely for kids and preteens. This is quite a smart move since most kids' bedrooms are usually smaller compared to regular ones.

Monarch also sells chairs, cabinets, and valuable storage and display units in addition to dining room tables to round out your dining pleasure. After all, it's not only about the cuisine; it's also about the atmosphere. With their magnificent dining sets, you may create the ideal room setting for your special dinners. They cater to all tastes, whether traditional, modern, casual, or formal.

The company's home entertainment line, on the other hand, includes several storage choices for additional audio and visual components outside your TV. Whether you like the rich, dark cherry finish or the bright, pristine white, you will undoubtedly be pleased. These are also available in a number of styles, from modern to conventional to farmhouse. Most of these items have enough space to hide extra devices and wires, which appear nicer when hidden. Additionally, several of their home entertainment cabinets have mounting components for placing your television above the cabinet.

Monarch understands that most people work just as much from their homes as they do from their offices in today's world. As a result, they created a new product line that includes home office solutions. After all, your home office should be just as pleasant as your office at work. They'll get you set up for productivity with anything from modest to huge multi-sectional desks, credenzas, and various types of bookshelves. Because most individuals seek convenience, comfort, and class in their home office, Monarch provides a diverse range of finishes, colors, and pricing to satisfy even the most discerning tastes and budgets.

Their staff of highly competent planners has worked relentlessly to simplify their operations and provide a safe and productive working environment. Efficient manufacturing entails the ability to execute both high and low volume orders simultaneously, ensuring that all clients receive expertly produced and never hurried products. Their onsite, cutting-edge manufacturing procedures allow them to create several items for multiple rooms in every home. They have a long history of manufacturing durable furniture for high-traffic areas as well. Monarch Furniture wants you to enjoy your purchase both now and in the future, which is why their goods have been tested to endure generations.

With such a rich and colorful history and an impressive product portfolio, it's easy to understand why Monarch Furniture is still going strong today. They produce over $60 million in yearly sales and employ over 200 people throughout their various locations.

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Why buy Monarch Furniture

  • Monarch Furniture has been a family-owned and run business since 1951. That's a total of more than 70 years of expertise.
  • Monarch ensures the best level of quality, service, and selection at exceptionally low prices.
  • They have an extensive product portfolio and can essentially furnish your entire home.
  • Monarch Furniture understands that a home is almost always a workplace in the new era. This is why they've included goods for the home office in their product line.
  • They claim to have a strict quality control mechanism in place at their production facility and that they only send out furniture that they are satisfied with.
  • Their cutting-edge manufacturing techniques on-site enable them to manufacture magnificent furniture for any home.
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