Moll is one of the world's earliest makers of height-adjustable children's desks. These swivel chairs and desks mature with the child and can be adjusted to any height and adapt to changing demands. They have plenty of storage capacity as well as a lot of functional surface area for writing, reading, and sketching. They get points for utility, are ergonomically designed down to the last detail, and are virtually unbreakable. Moll's future ideas for children's and teen's rooms will continue to set the bar for innovation. The Moll desk is a symbol of high-quality, long-lasting furniture that has been associated with desks that grow with the kid for decades.

For almost 100 years, Moll has advocated excellence, innovation, and people-centered solutions. As a result, they are the world's top maker of child-friendly desks and chairs and private, workplace, and organizing furniture. Martin Moll is the company's current leader, both in the spirit of the company's history and with a strong understanding of today's demands. Moll aspires to be a global premium brand that sets the norm for high-quality, creative, practical furniture with a high design standard for sophisticated clients.

The Moll family started Moll as a carpenter shop in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, in 1925. They are a major worldwide maker of children's desks and chairs, office and organizational furnishings, workstations, and swivel seats. The Moll quality rating satisfies all ergonomic, durability, and personalization criteria, and everything is designed and made in Germany. These German-made items are sold in more than 30 countries across the world.

They consider all age segments and their demands in constructing the new Moll unique design series — the desks and swivel chairs are ergonomically built for both adults and children. An age-independent design was created using a simple visual language that fits in a variety of places, from the living room to the children's bedroom. Quality, design, and function are all factors that contribute to long-term durability.

Rotafile, one of their more popular products, elegantly summarizes the concept of storage. Compared to traditional shelf systems, rotating shelves have a maximum capacity on a very narrow section, resulting in a significant increase in storage space. The Moll Rotafile is genuinely a space-saving wizard.

Their product development prioritizes design, innovation, quality, and safety. Every detail is of the highest quality. All Moll goods are designed and manufactured in-house in the Swabian Alps of southern Germany, where it all began about a century ago. High-quality German manufacturing standards guarantee that items endure a long time. This development sets the standard as the market leader. Its furniture is often passed down through the generations in many households, and this is something the company is very proud of. They expect the most satisfactory level of craftsmanship and service at Moll.

There are frequent wolves hidden among the sheep, particularly in toys and children's furniture. Even though formaldehyde may damage eyes and mucous membranes in high doses, the formaldehyde limits are frequently surpassed. Moll exclusively uses computers and testing systems with the highest certifications to guarantee that the health of children is not jeopardized. In addition, they seal all corners and surfaces to keep formaldehyde levels low.

Moll produces in the midst of the Swabian Alps' magnificent scenery. This proximity to nature instills a sense of obligation to safeguard it. The goal of Moll is to prevent as many negative environmental consequences as possible as a result of its economic activities. Environmental laws are strictly adhered to in their entirety. Ecology, economics, and ergonomics all play a role in Moll goods. They don't want their products' usefulness to be lowered as a result of their production practices, either. They believe that a product can only be truly excellent if it is created in a positive manner. Their long-term viability is ensured through quality and design. The furniture is made with only the best materials and with the utmost attention during the manufacturing process to ensure its long-term quality. The concept is intended to be used for a long time and to be really sustainable.

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  • Moll is one of the world's earliest makers of height-adjustable children's desks.
  • They have almost a century of expertise and several patents to their name.
  • For decades, the Moll desk has been linked with desks that grow with the child as a sign of high-quality, long-lasting furniture.
  • All ergonomic, durability and customization criteria are met by the Moll quality standard.
  • Design, innovation, quality, and safety are all priorities in their product creation. Every element has been meticulously considered.
  • Moll's mission is to avoid as many adverse environmental effects as possible as a result of its business operations.