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Man Wah Holdings Limited was formed in 1992. The Group is headquartered in Hong Kong, People's Republic of China, and has subsidiaries, branches, and linked firms in key markets and cities worldwide, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, China, and Singapore. Man Wah Holdings was the first Chinese furniture company to be registered on the Singapore Stock Exchange in 2005. It also has one of the largest furniture manufacturing sites in the world.

The Group's primary business is researching, developing, manufacturing, selling, servicing couches, mattresses, panel furniture, and furniture accessories. As a forerunner in the Chinese furniture industry, the company has over 200 self-developed goods that are patented and have achieved quality certification. Man Wah's "CHEERS" brand couch has been named a "Famous Chinese Brand," and the "Enlanda" mattress has been recognized as a "Designated Product for Veteran Cadres of the Central Authorities of the State." Their goods are marketed in over 80 nations and regions thanks to their expert technology and exceptional after-sales services.

The Group formally began operations in China in 2000 and quickly established itself as a market leader. As of March 31, 2010, the Group operated 509 franchised locations in more than 33 Chinese cities, promoting items under the "CHEERS" and "Enlanda" brands. Furthermore, "Morewell," its furniture chain, has opened seven shops in Hong Kong to market the "Land" name of wooden furniture, which Hong Kong consumers have well appreciated.

According to the firm, their emblem represents the positive, proactive, and meticulous mentality of Man Wah's personnel, who are motivated to promote societal well-being and reward their homeland and consumers. They have never arrogantly sat on their laurels. Even if their goals are met, they say nothing will change in their hearts. They shall continue to strive, learn, and progress as a team for the sustained growth of Man Wah. When you buy Man Wah furniture, you know you're getting something that will last a lifetime. But that doesn't imply you have to give up comfort in order to acquire it. Each Man Wah item is designed to not only endure a lifetime but also to give you the incomparable luxury and total contentment.

The Cheers Power Recliner is one of their best-sellers to date. Relax in elegance with this layered microfiber and vinyl mix that provides soft, warm comfort as well as style. Make use of the motorized headrest and footrest to boost your relaxation. It has a Zero Wallhugger function, which saves space against a wall. This item is all a recliner should be, with a 350-pound mechanical capacity, 2.0 high thickness seat cushion foam, and a non-sagging suspension with "seat zone" support.

The company also believes that fulfilling social duties is the spiritual basis for the development and survival of Chinese ethnics and heritage and the long-term and continuous operation of a business. Man Wah Holdings has played a constructive role in alleviating the job situation, strengthening and expanding its conventional sector and national brand, and establishing a balance between individual advancement, corporate development, and society prosperity since its inception. On this premise, Man Wah actively participated in various welfare activities, including charitable assistance, sports events, education and culture, and environmental preservation, and worked relentlessly to encourage social peace and growth.

Man Wah has dedicated himself to social welfare and charity projects for the betterment of society over the years. In June 2010, Man Wah Holdings contributed RMB300,000 to help fund the 13th Guangdong Provincial Games. In the same year, Wong Man Li, Chairman of Man Wah Holdings' Board of Directors, gave RMB2 million to create the "Man Wah Bursary Fund" to reward employees who sent their children to college to study. Man Wah Holdings committed HK$1 million to the Community Chest of Hong Kong to boost the city's social welfare and charity development. Man Wah Holdings also gave RMB200,000 in the first half of 2010 to help reduce poverty in Huizhou City.

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Why buy Man Wah Cheers

  • The firm is a trailblazer in the Chinese furniture sector, with over 200 self-developed patented and quality-certified products.
  • The firm has received several honors and accolades in China and beyond.
  • As a result of their professional technology and excellent after-sales services, their products are sold in over 80 countries and regions.
  • When you purchase Man Wah furniture, you know you're receiving a piece that will last a lifetime.
  • The company's corporate social responsibility efforts are outstanding, with large sums donated to numerous organizations.