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Luxor's philosophy revolves around improving modern workstations in every way. Luxor is a completely held division of EBSCO Industries, a leader in the development of furniture solutions that promote a more collaborative, effective, and productive workplace. Stand Up Desks that help employees remain attentive, Standing Desk Converters that breathe new life into outdated office spaces, and Mobile Charging Carts that fit the learning demands of today's schools are just a few of their many items. AV Carts, Utility Carts, and much more are available, and they have Dry-Erase Boards encouraging creativity.

Their stand-up desks are gaining a lot of popularity. After all, a happier, more productive workplace benefits everyone. Luxor Stand-up Desk units are as plentiful as they are popular. They've created their vast assortment of adjustable standing desks to guarantee they all fit three crucial requirements, whether you're working at a laptop or collaborating with a team: 1) They're well-made, and the company anticipates them to be heavily utilized; 2) They're inexpensive—they want to be the American worker's desk company, and 3) They're readily available. For example, the High-Speed Crank Adjustable Stand-Up Desk is a stunning addition to any workstation. This adjustable standing desk allows users to strike an optimum equilibrium between sitting and standing at work throughout the day. The turn-handle crank quickly moves the desk from the lowest to tallest settings without requiring electric power, and it's now offered with a high-speed, crank-driven lift mechanism. The extensive work surface readily supports two monitors as well as a full-size keyboard and mouse, and the height-adjustable range suits users at all heights. Each desk comes with a set of leveling glides and three 3-inch casters, two of which have locking brakes, providing simple flexibility to meet changing workplace requirements.

Good-looking, well-made furniture does not have to be expensive. Luxor's solutions are all intended to satisfy the demands of today's workplace while remaining affordable in an increasingly competitive industry. Of course, a product's quality is only as excellent as the service that backs it up. Luxor is honored to have received recognition for its outstanding customer service. Their devoted crew is ready to satisfy your business needs with speed, friendliness, and experience. In this age of globalization and modern manufacturing skills, is it too much to ask to offer exceptional quality at real-world prices? Not in the least.

This organization is appropriately proud of its 70+ years of specialized knowledge. After all, there aren't many firms in the world that can boast of such a feat. Since 1946, Luxor has been designing efficient furniture for high-traffic areas. Its seven decades of experience have given it a thorough grasp of what it takes to fulfill the market's constantly changing requirements.

Luxor goods are noted for their high quality, consistency, and inventiveness. Strict manufacturing standards and modern production capabilities, as well as specialized service reps that work closely with their dealers, ensure that they meet or exceed your expectations, whether it's restocking, private label programs, quantity discounts, or bid price. Even when it comes to specialty items or orders, you can expect the same high level of quality and service. This firm feels that consumers' time is valuable. They're capable of turning orders around swiftly while keeping your prices low by carrying a ridiculously vast inventory. In fact, they are the best in the business regarding same-day shipment. They also provide many support resources, such as customizable marketing materials, readily available sales tools—including high-resolution photos—and a dedicated service staff that offers regional understanding and a direct point of contact for immediate, personalized help. You can browse all their products here at Interiorbeat.

Customers demand actual help from real people now more than ever. This organization is proud of its status as one of the finest in the industry regarding customer service. Their employees are friendly because they like what they do, and they are always willing to assist because they understand that it is in their best interests—especially yours—to do so.

Luxor is a respectable company with over 50 employees and more than 20 million dollars in annual revenue.

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  • Luxor is a pioneer in furniture production that fosters a more collaborative, effective, and productive work environment.
  • Luxor's solutions are all designed to meet the expectations of today's workplace while being cost-effective in an industry that is becoming increasingly competitive.
  • Luxor is thrilled to have been recognized for their exceptional customer service. With speed, friendliness, and experience, their dedicated team is ready to meet your business needs.
  • Its seven decades of expertise have equipped it with a deep understanding of what it takes to meet the market's ever-changing demands.
  • All Luxor items are designed and manufactured in the United States.