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Pentti Viitala founded this firm in 1964, believing that high-quality furniture should always be affordable. While this firm has grown significantly over the last 56 years, a straightforward term has been passed down through generations and remains the cornerstone of all they do: quality. Quality to them encompasses the raw materials and experienced artisans, production procedures, support personnel, design, and comfort. In their opinion, quality is the whole package, and that is what they strive to provide.

Luonto Furniture is still family-owned today, allowing them to stay loyal to their values. Maintaining high standards over the years has kept the company going ahead and will continue to do so for future generations. Luonto Furniture's commitment to excellence allows them to be honest in every way. They want their consumers to be able to see every aspect of their furniture, right down to the frame, so they know exactly what they're getting. They think that every detail counts, which is why they encourage their customers to view their manufacturing from the inside. Not only are they pleased to display their high-quality items, but they also enjoy highlighting their staff. The staff has an average tenure of 20 years with them, which is rather impressive. This is a reflection of their pride in their job and the expertise and experience the company is lucky to have in its personnel. They're proud of how they've designed the production processes to be clean and safe for both employees and the environment. The long-term procedures are firmly ingrained in their culture and have evolved throughout the course of the company's history, practices that they think strongly support the quality purpose.

By concentrating on design with function, they push their teams to the ultimate test to deliver you the most exciting furniture available. They created their extensive line of goods using their knowledge and inventiveness. The development team consists of seasoned professionals with expertise in certain production areas. A team that complements one another and can collaborate to understand the strengths and limits of each element of production. Their R&D staff is fantastic at coming up with solutions and attaining their objectives. Their manufacturing procedures are a joy to behold. First, frames are cut and constructed by hand with meticulous attention to detail, using CNC technology to accomplish microscopic precision. In order to provide the finest bonding, water-based glue is utilized in every wooden joint. Their structure is clean, sturdy, and made to last since they only employ the best quality raw materials. Their solid foam cores are covered in Dacron to provide a comfort barrier between the upholstery and the foam. The gluing phase is crucial because it keeps the material from separating, avoiding further lumping. Their craftsmen are known for their meticulous attention to detail, and they machine-sew every stitch of your couch to perfection. Their sewing section covers everything, from surging concealed edges to avoid fraying to stitching design elements. They've learned through history that technology can't always equal the craftsmanship of their artists, who have a sense of touch and feel that machines can't be duplicated. Hand-cut top-grain leathers and patterned upholsteries are used. Their upholsterers are extremely qualified, and they work hard to guarantee that each item is perfectly fitted and finished.

The environmentally friendly production techniques are a part of their history. They have become accustomed to Finland's stringent environmental regulations. Approximately 80% of the land is covered by lakes and forests, emphasizing the importance of sustainability in its culture. This is not something they do to be fashionable; instead, they do because it is who they are and where they come from. Their attempts to be more sustainable begin with the raw material used in the production process. They know where their supplies originate from because they own Viitala Forest, the family's forest company. For the couch frames, they mostly employ Nordic Spruce and Birch. One of their forests has an 80-year life cycle, and when it is harvested, the trees are replanted for future use. Every day, they generate around 4,000 pounds of wood waste in their manufacturing process. Rather than discarding the by-product, they convert it into pellets. It's then utilized to heat all three of their facilities and local schools and a town in wood-fired ovens. Once their design team has developed the foam core form, the template is given to their supplier to maintain their factory clean. This guarantees that their foam form is consistently correct and that no foam waste enters the production. They seek vendors and suppliers that share their commitment to sustainability, decreasing waste, and repurposing wasted materials for future use. You may find their products here at Interiorbeat.

They can spend less overall resources while meeting the needs of living in your home by developing a high-quality product. Because each product is meticulously designed, there are fewer claims. Repairs, maintenance, service dispatches, and replacements will require a ton of resources, and they strive to avoid them. Because of the sturdiness and long life of their furniture, they can lower their total environmental effect. They reduce their carbon impact, ensure product lifespan, and provide you with sound practical furniture that can withstand the demands of your lifestyle using these approaches.

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  • This company has over 50 years of manufacturing experience.
  • Today, Luonto Furniture is still controlled by a family, allowing them to stay true to their principles. The firm has progressed throughout the years by maintaining excellent standards.
  • They appreciate not only displaying their high-quality merchandise but also emphasizing their employees. The staff has been with them for an average of 20 years.
  • They put their teams to the ultimate test by focusing on design with function to bring you the most intriguing furniture available.
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing processes are ingrained in their culture; they even have a sustainable forest company that supplies them with wood.
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