LumiSource is an affordable and unique home furnishings supplier that produces stylish and well-made accent products to spruce up every home. Founded in 1997, they have consistently delivered functional and high-quality furniture pieces across living, dining, and office spaces. Aside from that, they also have a collection of lighting products that always stand the test of time.

This leading international manufacturer has numerous products in their catalog catering to various price points, but quality and style are always guaranteed regardless of price. LumiSource’s talented team of designers consistently comes up with innovative pieces specializing in timeless Mid-Century, Industrial, and Modern aesthetics. They strive to be original trendsetters, creating unique products such as tables, chairs, and lamps that add a touch of classic and timeless beauty to homes worldwide. 

For LumiSource, affordability and excellent craftsmanship are of the highest priority. The collaboration among their creative in-house team is apparent in all the pieces they bring to the table, which is why they are one of the prime choices for interns all around the nation. This results in a strong, well-balanced team that successfully produces functional furnishings of excellent quality and attractiveness. 

For more than two decades, being in the industry has established LumiSource’s reputation as a leading manufacturer of attractive and quality products. Customer reviews have repeatedly proven this by commending their pieces’ ease of assembly, comfort, and versatility. With the consistent positive feedback from consumers, we can’t deny that LumiSource has genuinely earned its excellent reputation.

The consistency and excellent quality of their work have led to massive growth for the company. From their humble start in Elk Grove, California, they now have multiple warehouses throughout the United States, UK, and Canada, and showrooms in Las Vegas Market in Las Vegas and High Point Market in North Carolina. Aside from supplying its pieces to some of the country’s top chains, LumiSource also makes its products available through various independent and online retailers. With additional plans to expand its reach internationally, LumiSource is one of the best world-class brands in the industry.

Here at Interiorbeat, we are proud to carry various LumiSource desks and lighting products. We strive to offer only the best when it comes to style and quality, and LumiSource undoubtedly fits the bill. Whatever design you choose, excellent craftsmanship is always guaranteed.

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Why buy LumiSource

  • Office, living, and dining space essentials and lighting products at an affordable price.
  • LumiSource has been well-known for over 24 years and has built an excellent reputation around its products.
  • A talented team of creative designers assures users that pieces are always functional, stylish, and well-crafted.
  • A varied number of products in their catalog consisting of Mid-Century, Industrial, and Modern aesthetics means a diverse collection of designs to choose from.
  • Consumer reviews have consistently praised the comfort and ease of assembly of LumiSource products.
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