Loungie is a relatively new company, having been established in 2017. It was built on two practical core values: ergonomics and reliability. When it comes to manufacturing furniture, it specializes in producing sofas, bean bag chairs, lounge chairs, lounge furniture, foldable chairs, reclining chairs, and couch beds, among other things.

The importance of comfort in a seating device can never be overstated today. In the era of work-from-home situations and extended office hours where one is forced to sit for long hours, an ergonomic chair is most certainly a must-have for any adult. This reality is probably the reason that propelled Loungie into success and fame.

Their Microplush Recliner chair is their most popular product to date, and it might be the ideal complement to any area in the house. You can move around in this comfortable chair wherever you desire with the flexibility and comfort you deserve. You'd want to use it for reading a book or watching television or working in front of your computer with its convertible settings, and it's versatile enough to accommodate your children's hobbies, too. It can, among other things, unfold into a flat position making it the perfect device for those coveted afternoon naps. It can also completely fold up into a comfy seat and be used as a reclining lounge chair. 

The space-saving adjustments are straightforward and may be done in a second. For added comfort, this multi-functional reclining chair is upholstered in a micro soft material. Not only is it versatile, but it is also impressively fashionable as it comes with eye-catching color selections. This richly colored chair will add a sense of style and comfort to any room. The folding chair can be utilized in many different places, including the living room, guest room, patio, family room, studio, RV trailer, mobile home, boat, minivan, and automobile. There is also no assembly required, making it a very convenient alternative to consider. There is seriously little else you need in your office or your home's work corner. If you're worried about your back during extended work hours, you might want to get this quickly.

Building on the success of their reclining chair, Loungie developed additional items that make a lot of sense for customers. For starters, the Loungie Microsuede Five-position Convertible Flip Sofa is an excellent piece of floor seating for your living room, especially if you frequently host parties and receive visitors. With this fantastic product offering, you can take your downtime to the next level. This convertible mattress converts into a sofa and then into a comfortable bed for napping or watching TV. The micro-suede upholstery feels silky against your skin, and the luxuriant foam cushioning provides a soft buffer between you and the harsh floor.

The Loungie Rockme Video Gaming Rocker Chair is also noteworthy. It has increased in popularity among children, teenagers, and adults alike. Their approach to gaming chair design, paired with their comfort expertise, is a winning combination. The PU leather and vivid mesh racing stripe upholstery are eye-catching and effortless to maintain; simply wash it down with a damp cloth. Because of their small size and lightweight, these chairs may be moved to any location where your crew mingles, such as your living room, bedroom, dorm room, or home theater. This chair's plywood pine frame and foam padding not only make it pleasant but also stable and long-lasting. It is delivered entirely constructed, so you can begin using it straight away.

Loungie has made quite a name for itself when it comes to providing comfortable floor seating products for customers of all ages. These chairs have quickly become a must-have for any home.

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  • They offer perhaps the most comfortable seating alternatives in their reclining chairs and sofas.
  • The five-position design in their reclining chairs and sofas protects your back from the increasingly prevalent occurrence of back pain.
  • Their reclining chair and sofa conveniently unfold into floor beds that are convenient additions to your living room.
  • Their products are perfect for playing video games, watching television, reading, relaxing, or simply hanging out with your friends.
  • Their products also do not require assembly, making them incredibly convenient choices to consider.
  • Not only are the goods versatile, but they are also quite trendy, with eye-catching color combinations. Their vibrantly colored chairs will offer a touch of elegance and comfort to any space.
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