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This company promises to advocate the beauty of a well-layered house. They feel that the most incredible places are created with thought, artistry is worth investing in, and that a beautiful rug does more than tying a room together—it distinguishes the house.

Loloi Rugs began in 2004 with four employees, a modest studio in Dallas, Texas, and an ambition to design and produce unique rugs for the intelligently layered home. Today, Loloi is pleased to be a textiles leader, providing their perspective to a global network of artists, decorators, and home developers. Amir Loloi, the company's owner and founder, never went to art school and has no professional experience in textile design. Instead, he follows his innate instincts and intuition when deciding what to develop next. Loloi sees this as a considerable value, and it's a significant factor that their carpets look and feel unique.

Amir Loloi has spent the last 25 years traveling the Indian countryside searching for the most excellent weavers and artisans. In 2004, he founded Loloi Rugs to introduce the work of these artists to the United States. At 58, Amir still recounts his trips to India with youthful zeal. He laughs and motions with his hands as he shares his favorite aspect of the creative process. "Before creating a rug, you need to understand the structure and the material," Amir adds. "What are the options?" What are the constraints? "How will it react to color?"

Loloi Rugs are linked with creativity in the rug business. Based in Dallas, Texas, the firm is dedicated to producing well-designed, one-of-a-kind carpets. When purchasing from this famous company, you can anticipate vivid hues and exciting designs; even their traditional-style carpets shine with vibrant colors. Loloi's Madeline series is energetic and cheerful, bringing watercolor drawings to life as area carpets. With their colorful blooms and off-kilter geometrics, these carpets embody Loloi's unique take on the unexpected. Madeline rugs are composed of long-lasting polypropylene space-dyed to create bright watercolor motifs. Vibrant colors and eye-catching designs can be found in all of the Loloi carpets, including more classically designed ones. For example, the Empress collection blends classic designs with bright hues, making the shapes stand out. Likewise, the Victoria series carpets mix traditional methods with Loloi's distinctive richness. Additionally, most of these traditional-style carpets are hand-tufted from natural fabrics, imparting the elegance of old-world craft.

Loloi also manufactures a variety of indoor-outdoor carpets, each with a unique color palette and aesthetic appeal. These rugs are long-lasting without losing design. Each indoor-outdoor carpeting is made of water-resistant, durable synthetics. The indoor-outdoor Zadie collection offers a fresh perspective on zebra stripes. These carpets, made of sturdy synthetics but styled like a genuine zebra hide, are a great discussion item for indoor or outdoor environments. They are also offered in various hues, including brown, green, and red, making them compatible with any current color scheme. Each one of the thousands of Loloi carpets will add a splash of uniqueness to your area. Loloi carpets are stunning and one-of-a-kind, ranging from fresh flowers to rich traditional to modern geometrics.

This company takes pride in serving a network of designers, decorators, and architects at Loloi. These individuals care intensely about the products they buy for their homes, from the elements they source to the textures they create. That is why their strategy is straightforward but thoughtful: Design carpets and cushions for today's homes and bring them to life using centuries-old techniques. Their whole workflow is dedicated to the skill. These carpets are still handcrafted in India in the traditional manner. Every stage of the process is done by hand, whether it's the dip-dyeing of wool or the laborious weaving work, where devoted artists maintain this time-honored legacy alive. "It's easy to overlook how much artistry goes into a finished rug," says Amir Loloi. "These people have been doing this for decades and take great pleasure in their work. None of this progress would be attainable without them."

This outstanding firm employs 180 people and generates a whopping 68 million dollars in annual sales.

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  • Loloi is a true textiles leader, bringing its unique vision to a global network of artists, designers, and housebuilders.
  • The Loloi Rugs brand equates to uniqueness in the rug business.
  • Loloi's goods are bright and cheery, transforming watercolor sketches into area carpets.
  • These carpets are made of long-lasting polypropylene that has been space-dyed to create colorful watercolor themes in eye-catching designs.
  • The majority of their traditional-style carpets are hand-tufted from natural textiles, evoking the beauty of old-world craftsmanship.