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Linon Home Décor is a family-owned and operated business with over 50 years of experience. They have a pretty well-deserved reputation in the industry for supplying the most fabulous on-trend items at an affordable price and exceptional quality, design, and functionality for every space in the house.

Linon has a wide range of furnishings to meet the needs of today's sophisticated and competitive commercial environment. They provide exceptional value for every accommodation and an unrivaled dedication to quality, service, and satisfaction in the sector. Their furnishings are currently sourced from Asia, Eastern Europe, Italy, Greece, and Brazil. They keep fully-staffed facilities in all countries where they do business to ensure that the quality control procedures they use are cutting-edge and the finest in the industry.

Linon understands how the new era of work operates. Their products make it possible to work from home in luxury. For your home office, they provide the most beautiful and economical office chairs, workstations, and storage furniture. The Emma Desk, which is available in both black and white, is one of the most popular products in this collection. The Emma Desk is sleek and attractive, combining modern components to create a sophisticated yet adaptable item. The shiny brass finish on the traditional trestle-style frame contrasts dramatically with the white top. Dress up an empty corridor or doorway with flowers, a lamp, or framed pictures, or place it in a living room or bedroom to establish a dynamic workstation. The metal base has a gorgeous brass finish and comes completely assembled.

Linon's entryway furniture is also popular because it is both stylish and practical. For example, the Linon Corner Coat Rack will guarantee that no room in your home remains underutilized and unadorned. The Corner Metal and Wood Coat Rack is a stunning enhancement to any entry hall or office area, combining style and function. This coat rack is a creative and practical method to handle your garment storage requirements, with two shelves made of solid wood and 12 hooks for coats, scarves, hats, and more. The industrial style of this item is finished in a rustic matte black finish.

But, out of all Linon has to offer, their dining room collection is definitely their strongest suit. They claim to provide the industry's most delicate and most extensive assortment of kitchen dining nooks, seats, and carts. The Coastal Nook Black and Walnut Dining Set is one of their most well-known products in this category. This antique-looking dining set has a conventional black base with a cozy plank wood tabletop, seat, and accents. You may configure it in either left or right-handed model to meet your specific needs. You can create a quiet space in any corner of your kitchen with this nook, ideal for meals and discussion and making a terrific family gathering piece. This nook is the perfect combination of space and functionality as it can easily accommodate up to five people. You can find these products and more when browsing their selections at Interiorbeat.

Linon has had steady growth throughout the years. They just erected a new 15,000 square foot showroom in its South China headquarters. This office is open to providing better service for all indoor and outdoor furniture from Brazil, Italy, Asia, Vietnam, and Eastern Europe. Linon's Wall Decor program includes a wide range of eco-friendly specialty mirrors, wood carvings, and lovely framed maps and maritime landscapes. Linon's "Eco Chic" Boutique Mirror collection comprises green items such as hyacinth, grasses, and more. Linon also has a comprehensive variety of Area Rugs in classic, transitional, modern, flokati, and others to complete your one-stop shopping experience. Linon can also create a custom merchandise program for you through their direct import business, or you can choose from their in-stock inventory in their massive 250,000 square-foot distribution centers in Port Newark, New Jersey, and Carson, California, as well as their new rug storage facility in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Linon Home Decor is an impressively accomplished company with over 200 employees in all sites and garnering over 80 million dollars in annual revenue.

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  • With over 50 years of manufacturing expertise, Linon Home Décor is a family-owned and run company.
  • They have a well-deserved reputation in the market for delivering the most beautiful on-trend things at an accessible price while maintaining excellent quality, style, and usefulness for every room in the house.
  • Linon offers a diverse selection of furnishings to satisfy the demands of today's sophisticated and competitive business environment.
  • They maintain fully staffed facilities in all countries where they do business to guarantee that the quality control processes they employ are cutting-edge and industry-leading.
  • In their dining room collections, they provide the most delicate and broad selection of kitchen dining nooks, chairs, and carts in the business.