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This company was created in 1991 when a brilliant engineer realized that acquiring and installing furniture was a major hassle. As a result, he began inventing furnishings that was uncomplicated to assemble, transport, and maintain. True enough, 30 years after, the assembly issue is still a big one today. Indeed, the severe difficulty of installing furniture can be very discouraging for some.

He then began distributing to the public via merchants. Since then, the company has started to produce by the highest market standards to ensure the highest quality of its products. They also hire the most outstanding engineers to enhance concepts and make living easier.

Later in 2002, the business began exporting globally, starting with the United States and Canada and developed significant network partnerships. Their products employ the patent-pending i-Assembly® technology, which allows the items to be put together quickly and easily without using any tools. As a result, most Linea Italia furniture is ready to be used in under 9 minutes. They also boast that their products may be disassembled and reassembled as many times as necessary without losing their sturdiness or functionality. This is evidently Linea Italia's core feature. Suppose you're one of those people who's on the market for beautiful furniture but couldn't be bothered with complicated assembly procedures. In that case, Linea Italia is the place for you.

Steel frameworks are also used in the brand's desks and filing furniture to give strength and withstand the weight of any office item in today's demanding work environment. They also include laminate tops in trendy and traditional colors, making for a pleasing and long-lasting work area.

Another of this brand's characteristics is modern design and versatility for a changing work environment. Linea Italia products are adaptable for small offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, factories, corporate reception rooms, home offices, and government agency reception areas. Their selections are designed to grow with you as you expand your business or decorate your house. Furthermore, they are delighted to state that all of Linea Italia's furniture is rigorously tested and proven to exceed any standard or specification.

The Livello Collection is one of their most intriguing offerings. This modern ensemble will undoubtedly boost your workflow by adapting to your everyday routine, providing comfort and wellness while keeping you active and enhancing productivity.

The Livello Collection Sit & Stand Desks were designed with your wellness and convenience in mind. It lets you prevent extended periods of sitting by allowing you to move between different height levels, which results in a more active work routine. The potential for creativity and productivity is greatly enhanced. It's quick and easy to set up, sturdy and scratch-resistant, and features a sturdy steel frame. In today's work situation, where most individuals are guilty of sedentary lifestyles, the Livello is a must-have.

Linia is another company that takes rules and responsibility seriously. All of their goods meet BIFMA criteria. Linia Italia provides services in industries where product features, design, and logistics must fulfill strict specifications and where quality and environmental management must be recorded.

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  • They are the authority in easy to assemble furniture. They have mastered the technology in their 30 something years of market presence.
  • Most of their products are ready to go after only 9 minutes of assembly. And that's without the use of tools.
  • Linea Italia products are adaptable to various settings, whether offices or homes, or business reception areas.
  • Linea Italia's furniture is rigorously tested and proven to exceed any standard or specification.
  • Linea is a company that takes rules and responsibility seriously. All of their goods meet BIFMA criteria.
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