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Lifestyle Enterprises was created in 1996 and today sells to over 60 nations worldwide, making it one of the most well-known furniture manufacturers. They are located in High Point, North Carolina, the world's undisputed furniture capital.

They provide one of the country's most prominent furniture styles and brand selections to meet all of your home furnishing needs. They regularly refresh their options with new products, textiles, and design ideas, so visit Interiorbeat frequently to see what's new.

This third-generation, family-owned business specializes in custom-built North Carolina furniture at a reasonable price. The fact that they are based in North Carolina impacts who they are and how they conduct business. They claim that artistry, integrity, loyalty, dependability, hard work, and dignity are essential aspects of life over there. These ideals are reported to have been passed down the family for more decades and are evident in the business and furniture they create for you.

To recognize quality, you don't have to be a furniture connoisseur. It's rather plain to see. Lifestyle Enterprises makes sure you get a sense of the high quality they provide the moment you lay your eyes on their items. After all, three generations' worth of furniture-making expertise ensures the most refined quality products. Their furniture is believed to be handcrafted, made one at a time, built to order, and occasionally custom-designed for customers.

The Conner Oatmeal 3-Piece Power Living Room Set is one of their most popular items on the market. A sofa set, a reclining love seat, and a single recliner make up this set. Any contemporary living room will benefit from the soft gray tone finish. This set can provide exceptional comfort because it is made from just the finest components and manufactured to Lifestyle's high standards. At the same time, it will give your living space a refined look. Apart from the Conner Oatmeal, Lifestyle also has a variety of other living room sets that are equally attractive and functional.

Solid kiln-dried hardwood frames from sustainably managed forests are used in the company's products, which are guaranteed to last. All of their structures are dowelled twice, bonded, and screwed together. At critical joints and stress locations, hardwood corner blocks are used. Their chairs also have eight-way hand-knotted steel coil springs that distribute weight evenly for years of comfortable seating. Furthermore, each seat cushion is constructed with a high-resiliency foam core and a soft wrap for enhanced comfort on the top and bottom.

Their experienced craftsmen are said to have precisely hand-cut, stitched, and upholstered your furniture. You can also choose from a wide range of materials.

Lifestyle Enterprises promises never to utilize low-cost alternatives such as tempered steel continuous wire spring systems or serpentine springs, which are of poorer quality. Sinuous springs are less expensive to manufacture, but they do not give a comfortable, long-lasting piece of furniture. Despite assurances to the contrary, using these replacements will result in ugly sagging over time.

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Why buy Lifestyle Enterprise

  • It’s a family-owned company with traditionally sound values that prioritizes honest business and good manufacturing.
  • They use only the finest raw materials in the most optimal manufacturing process, ensuring that your purchased items will last for a long time.
  • Lifestyle Enterprises promises never to utilize low-cost alternatives that causes product durability to suffer over time.
  • They manufacture all their products in the United States.
  • They have a solid reputation in the industry with decades of manufacturing experience under their belt.
  • They possess some of the most advanced, state-of-the-art furniture production technology in the market today.
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