Lesro Industries, Inc. is a family-owned producer of reception seats and tables based in Bloomfield, Connecticut, sporting a 268,000 square foot factory. Adam and Alice Leshem's decision to live in America in 1968 has reportedly sparked the idea for the company. While pursuing an engineering degree, Adam built and handmade a unique drafting table that could be folded and stored in their small apartment's closet or under the bed when not in use. This invention was later granted a US design patent.


In 1973, Adam decided to showcase his ground-breaking concept to the rest of the world. As a result, he established Lesro Industries to produce and sell his table. The company struggled to locate clients in the beginning despite working extraordinarily long hours with only a few people. Fortunately, revenue gradually climbed. Lesro eventually had to expand to cope with the growing demand. Driven by the need to scale and look for new opportunities to keep the business afloat, the owners produced their first solid oak chair in the autumn of 1986. Lesro was suddenly in the seating business.This new market area presented significant prospects, albeit being difficult to enter into.


Lesro is known primarily for their reception chair and table products today, and it seems like they have done a decent job specializing in them. Their catalogue will please anyone who is looking for a wide array of choices for such products. They offer completely upholstered, steel, and wood furniture. Each primary material choice is accompanied by a multitude of design options. For example, the Ravenna, a striking totally contemporary, angled arm design with brushed steel or wood legs, is available in the fully upholstered option. It also comes with 400 lb. and 500 lb. capacity variants.

Customization is also a major strength of Lesro. Each selection can easily be modified according to material, capacity, mobility and other considerations. There's even an option labeled "Oversized Guest Chair." Now, this may annoy certain people, but at the very least, we know the corporation is being upfront with their products, and we can trust that the chair in question will do its job.


Lesro's operational sustainability and corporate social responsibility are two more of its assets. The company's environmental efforts include roof-mounted solar panels that are believed to supply 1.2 million kWh of power per year, sustainable soy-based oil foams that are said to reduce the usage of petrochemicals, and water-based adhesives that should provide a cleaner, safer work environment. Furthermore, the company boasts about its use of powder paint, which emits almost no VOCs. Compared to typical painting procedures, this method creates less overspray. Their sawdust waste is also transformed into fuel pellets or used as bedding material on local horse farms, while scrap fabric is either recycled or donated to Habitat for Humanity. These approaches may prove to be remarkable for clients who place a high value on environmental sustainability.

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  • They sport sophisticated designs. One that particularly stands out is their fully upholstered lineup, which would look great in corporate reception offices.
  • The product offerings are focused towards the office furniture niche, but they offer tremendous customization. You can mix and match the options in the line up.
  • It’s an honest, family-owned entity built from the ground up and has been running for 43 years and counting.
  • Their operational sustainability is top-notch. Clients who place the environment in their company’s priorities are steadily increasing in number. This is an excellent initiative.
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