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Kurio King is a company that specializes in the production of solid wood bookcases and related items. They are relatively new in the industry, being founded not too long ago. They are headquartered in Jamul, California, and employ fewer than 100 people across their sites. For homes, companies, and schools, Kurio King offers living room and study area furniture.

Most modern homes require beautiful bookcases since books have never really gone out of style, and they are not likely to. Whether you want it there because you're the legitimate wide-reading intellectual or you want to impress your pals when they come to visit, nobody's checking. One thing is for sure, though; a great bookcase can definitely bring some sense of class to any living room or study.

This brand's bookcase collection comes in a selection of elegant colors. The Espresso Bookcase Collection is one of their most popular. It's a modernized version of a traditional design. The espresso color stain is applied to solid wood and oak veneers and then sealed with a long-lasting lacquer finish that is easy to maintain. Adjustable shelves and a robust, entirely constructed frame are included in all five sizes. The good thing about the espresso shade is that it goes with most, if not all, room themes.

With the Espresso Bookcase, you can embrace classic design with a modern touch. When fully assembled, this 6-shelf transitional bookcase measures 32 inches wide by 84 inches tall.

Although most of their collections are pretty large, that doesn't mean they haven't considered how to save space. As compact homes and spaces become more prevalent, space-saving furniture has become increasingly trendy. As a result, Kurio King has created the Junior Bookcases series. With this bookshelf in your home, you'll be all set. The piece is available in a black or white finish and has five shelves for storing books, framed portraits, vases, and plants. This smaller shelf in your living room, bedroom, or home office will appeal to a wide range of people. After all, elegance and sophistication don't always have to take up a lot of space.  This product comes in a variety of sizes and finishes. This collection may be used in many ways across your home and will go with almost any style. Be enchanted by its sleek lines and modest top molding, as well as the timeless superior artistry that makes these bookshelves a great addition to your house for storage and display.

Kurio King also makes lighter-toned versions of the same items. This brand can also assist you if you're seeking bookcases that fit your white or off-white interior. Kurio King's JC White 84-Inch Bookcase, with its clean, non-aggressive design, is particularly appealing. It's designed to give a more relaxed atmosphere wherever you place it.

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Why buy Kurio King

  • They make exquisite items in the bookcase niche, guaranteed to bring a sense of class into any living room, bedroom, or study
  • Their bookcase designs are quite an extensive selection that allows you to embrace classic design with a contemporary touch.
  • The bookcases they offer are useful not only for books but also for other decorations such as action figures, small plants, picture frames, and many more.
  • All of their products are made in the United States.
  • They offer bookcases in various sizes, allowing you to pick the right size for the space you have. Elegance does not need to be bulky.
  • Their products are manufactured to be robust and should last many years.
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