Koplus was founded in 2009 in the Netherlands with the goal of creating brilliant and intuitive goods. It is a company devoted to inspiring a simple, rational, elegant, and sustainable way of life via its design and production of functional furniture.

This brand, according to Koplus, is more than a manufacturer; it is a concept that promotes well-being and ecological living. Koplus also represents a process that is ever-evolving and changing. It is a company that appreciates innovation and is on its way to becoming the next dream workplace. At Koplus, they claim to listen to accept distinctions, learn to enhance excellences, and start changing to build experiences.

Koplus has three main product lines, namely Booths, Desks, and Chairs. Their Kolo Solo Single Booth is a fascinating proposition. It's essentially a private, on-demand personal area for short, intimate conversations and video chats. The booth enables you to keep your discussion confidential while allowing your coworkers to focus on their business. In an open-plan office, Kolo Solo is the ultimate sound management option. This item exudes seclusion thanks to its use of industry-leading soundproofing components and structural features to reduce noise. It features a lot of customization options, including changeable LED light brightness and temperature, as well as an automated motion detector. It also boasts custom-designed ventilation vents for consistent organic air flow, user-friendly charging ports for simple access at table level, and leveling feet that can be removed to use the wheels for horizontal movement. This functionality allows you to quickly move the booth around a workstation as needed.

The Bodyflex office chair is one of the most famous products in their chair portfolio. The Bodyflex chair, a Red Dot Design Award winner, uses novel elements and concepts to actively assist you throughout your workday. Active back, a cutting-edge technical substance, is a one-of-a-kind composite material that bends to follow the curvature of the user's back. It is both soft and flexible while yet being supportive. ABT is made by fusing both supporting and flexible materials together without the need for glue or other binders. As a result, the chair is long-lasting, non-toxic, and completely recyclable. The SIM (Self-Inclined Mechanism) moves your body into the optimal sitting posture, providing optimum back support. This chair doesn't disturb you as you work and shift through different work positions. While sitting on the Bodyflex, the SIM actively aids and supports users' bodyweight and back. Bodyflex is made to imitate the motions of the user. The 19-degree natural flex compensates for the lack of support provided by traditional office chairs for the user's lower back. Bodyflex tilts with the user's movement and pulls its lower back supports inwards to follow the human body's natural curves, rather than being static.

Koplus manufactures and assembles all of its parts and products in-house in its Taiwanese plant. To achieve precision in their production, Koplus employs an autonomous manufacturing method. The acceptance sampling standard is used to test final goods, and their plant also meets the ISO 9001 quality management standard.

Koplus carefully picks materials and production processes for their goods to leave as low carbon impact as possible. Their factory is ISO50001 and ISO14001 accredited, and their goods are Greenguard Green Tag, and RoHS certified. Clients and partners have come to trust and rely on KOPLUS because of its commitment to product quality and manufacturing. They keep track of every product development and production stage, down to the tiniest detail. From the beginning of research to the end of design, material selection, manufacturing, and user experience, they stay loyal to their principles and accept responsibility for the health and environment of their users.

Koplus is an Authorized Economic Operator, which means it has been authorized by, or on behalf of, a national Customs agency as conforming with WCO or similar supply chain security criteria. Koplus is a firm believer in corporate social responsibility. Their plant is certified for social compliance criteria on a yearly basis.

Koplus, which is currently headquartered in London, is a well-established corporation with more than 100 workers spread throughout its several locations and annual revenue of more than $200 million.

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  • Through the design and manufacture of practical furniture, it is dedicated to promoting a simple, sensible, elegant, and sustainable way of living.
  • Koplus uses a futuristic autonomous manufacturing technology to attain perfection in their production.
  • To have the least amount of carbon effect feasible, Koplus carefully selects materials and manufacturing procedures for their products.
  • Koplus is a corporation that has received many ISO certifications.
  • This company's environmental measures are admirable.