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In the furniture market, Kith Furniture is a relatively new participant. Its headquarters are located in Haleyville, Alabama, and the company was founded in 2011. It is also one of the smaller furniture enterprises in the e-commerce market, with annual revenue of more than 23 million dollars.

Since its debut in 2011, this brand has focused on promoting bedroom and entertainment furniture. The company's collection presently includes 18 bedroom ensembles in various designs ranging from traditional to country to mission to contemporary. At retail, the cost of a four-piece set ranges from $399 to $999.

Their most appealing ensembles include the White Queen Bedroom Set, which features a white finish, twin-panel headboard design, and spacious drawers with knob hardware. It is one of their most attractive collections. When paired with the crisp white finish, any casual style will look fantastic. The set also includes a queen-size headboard, dresser, mirror, and one nightstand, in addition to the other pieces.

In Haleyville, Kith's products are manufactured in five production sites, which employ approximately 260 people. There are over a thousand accounts with the company throughout the South, with consumers as far north as Maryland and as far west as Texas currently using its services. To ship their products using company delivery vehicles usually takes five to ten days on average.

During the first several years after its inception, the corporation saw steady growth. Kith Furniture announced in 2013 that it had signed a long-term lease for a 5,247-square-foot showroom at the High Point Market in North Carolina.

"We've received multiple requests from dealers in other regions, so we've chosen to broaden our service area to include the northern and western regions," said Brett Tilley, sales manager. "Dealers enjoy the fact that we are manufactured in the United States and that we consistently provide high-quality products and excellent customer service."

With Craig Smith serving as president and CEO, his brother Ken Smith serves as executive vice president, secretary, and treasurer in the company's management and administration. They were former executives of Harden Manufacturing, founded by their father, Joe Mac Smith, in 1972.  The family has since decided to sell their majority ownership in that company.

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Why buy Kith Furniture

  • This company features one of the better-looking bedroom ensembles in the market. Designs vary from traditional to country to mission to contemporary.
  • An increasing number of end consumers prefer furniture made in the United States. This, more often than not assures quality manufacturing and more jobs for the countrymen.
  • Kith Furniture manufactures high-quality bedroom furniture, such as beds, dressers, chests, and nightstands, at a cost that is competitive with that of other manufacturers.
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