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KFI has had one guiding philosophy in its whole 30-year history: to be a good one. They were so taken with it that they commissioned local artist Jeremy Lewis to paint it on the factory's façade.

KFI collaborates with forward-thinking designers worldwide to create high-quality, attractively designed products that promote adaptive, stimulating spaces wherever they are found. By following their core ideals, they can provide visually different and thoughtfully constructed seating and table solutions for superior customer experience.

They make products that are on-trend, commercial-grade, sustainable, user-focused, and able to adapt to a wide range of applications while simultaneously maintaining visually distinguishable seating and table options that work harmoniously with their entire line-up.

UNION and Q Design are two of their favorite designers. Shaun Smith and Jeff Theesfeld formed UNION, an award-winning product design studio. They initially met as co-owners of Shea+Latone, a superior furnishings design and engineering firm. With UNION, they've combined their decades of product design and development expertise to establish a design studio that focuses on developing attractive yet straightforward solutions while pursuing the highest level of functionality.

Q Design is a multi-award-winning firm of problem solvers, artists, and creative types. Founded by Mark Stenftenagle and Sal Graziano, they take an alternative approach to challenges, taking a step back and looking at them from numerous angles.

Meeting the needs of their clientele for a speedy turnaround has been a focus for them during their 30-year history. It's not just a claim, they say; it's profoundly ingrained in their KFI Studios culture. They recognize that no two projects are the same. Thus they take pleasure in their ability to execute consistently in any situation.

They can't be a "good one" until they make sustainable efforts, which KFI believes begin in their local community. To enhance their neighborhood, they collaborate with several community-based organizations. They participate in zero-landfill activities on a larger scale, and they are happy to be Intertek Air-Quality Gold certified.

It's as easy as that: respect gained is the respect given. Respect for the brand, customers, and employees is critical to fostering an environment conducive to innovation and productivity.

They push each other to be more creative, explore new ideas, question why, and create better procedures and solutions on a daily basis. They fall back upon each other to fulfill the responsibilities that they create and deliver outcomes on time and as promised. In the end, whatever you do, be a good one. It's an excellent slogan.

One of their best-selling items is the Express Yourself Indoor/Outdoor Polypropylene chair. This multifunctional indoor/outdoor chair from KFI Studios, designed by Claudio Francesco Bellini, offers the ideal balance of durability and aesthetics. The Express Yourself chair comes in many appealing polypropylene color combinations. This chair stacks up to 5 high and is Intertek Gold Certified, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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  • They sell some of the most-beautiful seating products out there, but they never compromise on comfort and functionality.
  • Their designs are guaranteed to be unique and outstanding. You need not go for the mainstream.
  • They collaborate with several award-winning designers to provide their products a heavy dose of elegance and sophistication.
  • Their product offerings are said to be comfortable and functional, and with one look at them, one can tell that they're of premium quality.
  • Their corporate social responsibility is decent, and their environmental efforts are respectable.
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