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Whatever you need for your home, Kathy Ireland has it all. This luxurious and eclectic brand showcases a vast collection of products from furniture, lighting, and rugs to garden fixtures and even items for the office. With its dedication to providing stunning home necessities and furniture at all price points, Kathy Ireland has built itself into a reliable and well-loved company.

Kathy Ireland Worldwide was established in 1993, the brainchild and idea of the woman it was named after, famous supermodel and fashion icon Kathy Ireland. The business was started at her humble kitchen table and has grown to great heights through Kathy and her team’s hard work, passion, and dedication to the craft. Now, Kathy Ireland Worldwide has been recognized by numerous organizations for its innovation and success, making it the highest-ranking licensing business owned by a woman.

With her team of innovators and designers by her side, Kathy Ireland has curated and produced an extensive catalog of home products guaranteed to be fashionable, well-made, and built to last. They have a collection of stylish comforter sets and mattress tops to complete the bedroom. For the living room, they offer various furniture covers, art pieces, and cozy fireplaces. Cabinets, chairs, and writing desks are available for the office, as well as a collection of outdoor furniture and decor for the patio. In addition to all that, Kathy Ireland also carries various indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures to brighten up your home.

According to Kathy Ireland, the secret to their success is teamwork, creativity, passion, and dedication to service. No wonder they were able to build up a stellar reputation throughout the years. Aside from their people-centered business process, Kathy Ireland also has a mission to give back and advocate for several human and environmental issues we are currently facing. Some of their impressive development goals, among others, include eradicating poverty and hunger, supporting universal primary education, championing equality and empowerment, and committing to environmental sustainability.

Almost three decades of service and expertise in the industry have granted Kathy Ireland competence and mastery in the field, and the overwhelmingly positive reviews for their products are a great testament to their quality as a brand. Customers rave about the affordability, designs, and sturdiness of their high-quality items.

Here at Interiorbeat, we offer a collection of cabinets and other essentials from Kathy Ireland. Not only do we strive to curate and provide only the best products when it comes to affordability and quality, but we are also firm believers of the outstanding values that this brand stands for.

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  • They provide an extensive collection of home necessities ranging from bedroom and living room items to outdoor and office products.
  • A team of innovative designers ensures that their products are always stylish and eclectic, catering to everyone’s tastes.
  • Kathy Ireland has a firm commitment to various advocacies such as environmental sustainability, equality, and empowerment.
  • Positive customer reviews praise their products’ sturdiness, stylishness, and high quality—all at an excellent and affordable price.
  • With over thirty years in the industry, they have developed a well-deserved reputation for being a reliable and consistent home furnishing brand.
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