Kanto is an exciting young company with an aim to help its clients live a more digital lifestyle. They provide a comprehensive range of TV mounting solutions for business and home usage, from wall mounts to mobile carts. Kanto products are designed to make achieving a professional quality setup simple for everyone. Kanto is a lovely, small, fast-growing business staffed by enthusiastic individuals who develop goods that the general public loves, produce them, bring them to market, and provide great end-user support.

The White Full Motion TV Wall Mount by Kanto is a stunning item. This is a flexible TV wall mount that lets you place your flat-screen TV 2 inches away from the wall. Its substantial tilt and rotation abilities are complemented with 21.8 inches of extension and a 2-inch low profile, making it simple to put your TV in the best position. This TV wall mount is very robust yet lightweight enough to make assembly a pleasure. It will keep your TV safe and secure.

Kanto's Rolling TV carts are likewise very impressive. Roll your TV or interactive display wherever you need it with ease. Smartboards, interactive displays, and televisions are all compatible with Kanto rolling carts. Move your screen around quickly for optimum viewing and take it from room to room as necessary. This item is height adjustable, so you may alter the height of your screen to enhance line-of-sight and accessibility. It also incorporates quick-release wheel locks that allow you to quickly lock each wheel with your foot to secure your TV. Its narrow, low-profile design allows you to roll your TV through doorways and into confined spaces, and its internal cable management keeps your cables out of sight by routing them through the stand's center columns.

The fundamental secret of Kanto's early success is that they aim to build goods that they want to use themselves, whether it's TV mounts, speakers, or furniture. Everything they create is based on a playful, bright style. Anyone may open a business thanks to globalization and technological advancements. What's difficult is making a good customer experience. This is perhaps where Kanto shines. The brains behind Kanto products work incredibly hard to respond to society's demands in order to find solutions for people's problems quickly. Kanto asserts that instead of dismissing criticism and consumer input, they actively seek it out. It's clear that they're all about constant progress. At the very core, they say they want customers to be amazed when they open a Kanto box and have a memorable experience. Customers believe that there is something distinctive about Kanto's delivery, from the product itself to the packaging, the layout of the manuals, and, of course, the performance of the items.

Kanto began operations in January of 2007. Its founders had a goal to create high-quality, stylish items that provide tremendous value to clients throughout their lives. They have the desire and understanding they need to build a new brand with great potential after designing and producing OEM digital lifestyle products for huge consumer electronics firms. Today, its success is fueled by that expertise and dedication and its staff of devoted design engineers.

The bottom line is that every single player of the Kanto team is a customer, and none of them would be happy selling digital lifestyle items that they wouldn't use in their own homes. Kanto Living comprises individuals with extensive backgrounds in customer service, marketing, product design, engineering, and entrepreneurship. Each one in the team is devoted to what they do, who they are, and where they want to go.

Kanto gives outstanding customer service while most firms merely promise it. They take an active role in building connections with their clients and ensuring that all of their digital lifestyle product requirements are addressed. Their commitment to a quality customer encounter is what sets them different, with easy-to-follow installation tutorials and extensive phone support for Kanto products.

As Kanto CEO says, the critical ingredient for Kanto's success is excellent financial discipline, competent management, and enthusiastic individuals to whom the market responds. Kanto is an impressive company with just over 50 employees, but it posts more than 50 million dollars in annual revenue.

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  • They provide a wide selection of TV mounting solutions for corporate and household use, from wall mounts to mobile carts.
  • All Kanto products are intended to make setting up a professional-looking setup simple for anybody.
  • The minds behind Kanto goods work tirelessly to adapt to societal expectations and offer speedy answers to people's difficulties.
  • Customers say that Kanto's delivery is unique, from the product itself to the packaging, the arrangement of the manuals, and, of course, the performance of the products.
  • Kanto is made up of people who have worked in customer service, marketing, product design, engineering, and entrepreneurship in the past.