Kantek's mission is to produce outstanding goods with new designs while maintaining the personalized customer care for which they have become recognized. Kantek has always been an entrepreneurial leader, having been established in 1982 as one of the earliest producers of anti-glare filters for desktop computers. In a continually changing environment, focusing on the demands of their customers has resulted in their sustained growth with an ever-expanding and dynamic product portfolio.

Despite the fact that their company has evolved and their product line has increased tremendously, the attitude that motivates Kantek has remained consistent. For what they bring to the table - personal customer service, exceptional engineering and implementation, excellent quality assurance, and a high level of adaptability and response to the marketplace - they have been able to build a solid market foothold and continue to develop.

They currently have eight main product lines, namely Monitor Filters, Computer Stands, Sit-to-stand Desks, Ergonomic Items, Tablet and Phone Accessories, Dispensers, Carts, and Desktop Organization Tools. The monitor filters line is the product category that has put Kantek on the map. Kantek has seven variants in this category, with the Secure-View Blackout Privacy Filter being one of their most popular. It respects the confidentiality of on-screen data on your laptop and LCD monitors by employing micro-louver technology, which produces a limited viewing angle. Only people immediately in front of the screen may see the image, while the side view is completely pitch black. It also does more than just provide privacy; it reduces glare and boosts contrast while safeguarding your monitor's fragile LCD panel from harm. It's also unobtrusive, as it covers the LCD surface for a built-in look.

The glass monitor stand is another popular item in their catalog. Ergonomics specialists have recently lauded the relevance of this type of gadget, claiming that today's monitors do not give an appropriate viewing position for our neck and spine. Its basic yet stylish appearance, which is ideal for workplaces and home workstations, is likely what drew folks in. It's one of the broadest monitor risers available, and it's perfect for today's larger monitor models. It also provides plenty of room to store supplies and a keyboard underneath. With a 5mm tempered glass platform and an impressive 40-pound capacity, it's able to hold two monitors. Its sleek, designer-style white legs are completed with non-skid feet to prevent them from sliding across your desk.

Kantek recently released a line of monitor arms if you don't want to use glass stands for your monitor mounting needs. In this group, the innovative Multi-Directional Dual Monitor Arm stands out. This sleek item allows you to easily adjust your screens in different directions and angles. It can accommodate two monitors of up to 30 inches each. The "Easy Touch" adjustment mechanism ensures that your displays can be effortlessly pivoted, rotated, tilted, lifted, and lowered. Both a grommet mount and a desk clamp are included, and the whole thing comes together in seconds. The aluminum and steel structure provides for a lightweight and durable design. This monitor arm is available in two colors: white and silver.

Kantek, Incorporated is headquartered in Oceanside, New York, USA. They also produce all of their items from this location. The firm employs more than 50 people across all of its sites and makes $6 million in sales each year.

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  • Kantek has always been a forerunner in the industry, having been established in 1982 as one of the very first makers of Anti-Glare Filters for desktop computers.
  • They have nearly four decades of manufacturing experience.
  • In a constantly changing environment, their focus on customer demands has sustained growth with an ever-expanding and dynamic product portfolio.
  • They have acquired a strong market presence and continue to flourish due to their customer service, fantastic engineering, superb quality assurance, and a high degree of adaptability and responsiveness to the marketplace.