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For nearly 55 years, JAM Paper & Envelope has been family-owned and run. Hudson Envelope Corp, their parent firm, was founded in 1955. "JAM" stands for Janet, Andrew, and Michael Jacobs, a close-knit family that oversees the company's daily operations.

JAM Paper is at the heart of the fashion, media, public relations, marketing, event planning, and photography industries, with stores and offices in New York City and New Jersey. They manufacture a substantial amount of the materials they carry to provide the most outstanding quality product. They are known across New York as "The Best NYC Paper Store."

JAM Paper provides a variety of color envelopes, plastic envelopes, colored paper, two pocket presentation folders, gift bags, portfolios, and gift boxes to make businesses and people appear professional, creative, and savvy. JAM goods are ideal for organizations to grab a customer's or client's attention and dress up a report, mailing, or presentation. Their products are also helpful for personal problems for individuals. They have everything you need to throw a family party, send a pleasant letter, purchase new workplace supplies, or have fun with arts and crafts.

One of their most intriguing product lines is the Leather Portfolios collection. Anyone who comes into contact with this exquisite leather accessory is said to feel like a boss. When you bring this portfolio to work, your colleagues will stop in their tracks to ask about where you got it. By the way, you can find them on Interiorbeat. The string tie fastening is ideal for a polished look, and the variety of colors available ensures that no style standards are broken. It will also assist you in keeping all of your papers safe, whether they are business paperwork, art, architectural plans, graphic designs, or anything else. When you're preparing to give a presentation, having this under your arm will provide you with the swagger you need and make you feel like the boss those kids are trying to be now. These Leather Portfolios with String Ties are available in Black, Brown, Red, Blue, Pale Blue, and White leather and are made from genuine Italian leather.

It's also a joy to own their Business Card Cases collection. It's critical to market your company, and having something to keep those business cards together is crucial. When it comes to marketing your company, first impressions are essential. So when you grab one of their Business Card cases so your potential clients will be able to see what class and message you're trying to send right away. And having all of your cards in one business card sleeve can save you time when you need to find them quickly. The Leather Card Case is designed to show off your class. The Striped Firm Card Cases will complement your message if your business is all about sticking out from the crowd. Do you want to advertise your business while also promoting the environment? Try the 100 percent recycled Kraft Ecoboard Business Card Cases. Your cards will be secure with elastic closures, snap closures, and tuck flap closures. You can't seem to discover one that perfectly describes your company? Take a look at the Custom Business Card Case Examples for ideas for your own. These cards aren't just for putting in business cardholders. Carry your credit cards, money, and coins inside as an excellent alternative to wallets. One of their high-quality business card sleeves will ensure that your company is marketed in style.

There is no minimum order with JAM, so you may purchase as much or as little as you prefer.   This company is based in Northvale, New Jersey, and employs around 50 people. Its annual sales total more than $5.25 million across all of its locations.

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  • They have been around for more than 50 years, providing quality paper and office materials since 1955.
  • Their leather portfolios are only one example of the lovely products they make. Likewise, their card cases are adorable.
  • JAM products are great for catching a customer's or client's eye and dressing up a report, mailing, or presentation. Individuals can use their products to solve personal concerns as well.
  • They have everything you need to have a family get-together, write a nice letter, buy new office supplies, or enjoy arts & crafts.
  • JAM has no minimum order requirement, so you can buy as much or as little as you like.