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Collections of beautiful, handmade solid wood furniture can be found at Jaipur Home. If you're acquainted with Jaipur Furniture, you'll know that images don't do justice to the beauty, quality, and hand-craftsmanship that go into each item. Each piece's weight, scale, sturdiness, and artistry testify to the fact that each product from Jaipur is the work of a dedicated craftsman. You don't really need to look very far if you desire the best-made furniture in the market.

Diversity, they say, is the proverbial spice of life, and house furnishings are no exception! A complete portfolio of dining, bedroom and occasional furniture made of new solid Sheesham Collection anchors their product line. In addition, their experienced carpenters and artisans create hundreds of one-of-a-kind objects from a variety of fresh and salvaged woods, metals, and textiles. Accent tables, ottomans, one-of-a-kind dressers, and gorgeous solid wood dining room furniture are among the highlights of this new collection.

Their passion is what best reflects their love and preoccupation with a creative, high-quality design using eco-friendly solid wood. While many of their clients are familiar with the classic Jaipur style, many are unaware that the vast majority of their creations are crafted by Rajasthan's brilliant native craftsmen. Their enthusiasm for products is what got Jaipur Home started in the first place, and the firm claims it will continue to propel them ahead.

Hundreds of goods are available directly from Jaipur Home's vast family-owned industrial complex in Rajasthan, Northern India, which has long been known as a critical hub for the manufacture of handicrafts. For the past three decades, their firm has been a dominant presence in the country. The fact that they have been the delighted recipients of India's Top Export Award in the Solid Wood division for the past ten years and counting is a source of righteous pride! Today, their industrial, storage and display area totals nearly 2 million square feet. They also have an office and a complete warehouse in the United States, where they have a range of top-selling merchandise. You can browse Jaipur Home's finest collections right here on Interiorbeat.

Jaipur Home is a significant exporter of solid wood home furnishings from India and the rest of Asia. Their gifted artisans construct these gorgeous and practical items from a range of materials, including salvaged and fresh wood, flawless metals, even weird artifacts, and locally woven fabrics. Care is taken in the whole design and manufacturing process to maintain and develop India's dual reputations for ecological stewardship and appreciation for the abilities of individual craftspeople. When possible, reclaimed timbers and repurposed materials are employed, typically keeping metal or carved decoration, as well as any remaining vegetable-based paints or stains, intact. Kilim textiles are obtained in a variety of styles from local weaving cooperatives. As a result, in the vast majority of situations, product photos and measurements are meant as illustrative only. Their primary intent is that every component will share its own story as it lights up a fully-realized room setting.

Jaipur is also well-known in the region as an incredible employer, and needless to say, it boosts the region's economy. They are also outspoken advocates for environmental care, taking many elaborate steps beyond typical recycling. The whole Jaipur organization, which was founded in 1978, now employs over 200 people across its several sites and generates around $100 million in yearly sales.

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  • The weight, scale, sturdiness, and quality of each item attest to the fact that each Jaipur product is the work of a skilled artisan.
  • They have approximately 50 years of expertise in manufacturing and exporting.
  • Rajasthan's great local craftsmen are responsible for the vast bulk of their works.
  • Their reputation is enhanced by the fact that they have won India's Top Export Award in the Solid Wood section for the previous ten years.
  • Jaipur is well-known in the region as an excellent employer who is also an ardent supporter of environmental protection, going above and beyond standard recycling.