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The Issa Muebles company was founded in 1975 by a merchant, Latif Issa Zablah, who had a passion for the future and invested in machinery for upholstering and modeling fine furniture in the French Provençal style. 

With time, the following generation joined the workgroup, each specializing in a different area to propel Issa Muebles forward and establish it as one of Mexico's top producers of transitional style furniture. Today,  it employs over 300 people in Delicias, Chihuahua, and its products are sold throughout North America, South America, and parts of Europe, all while remaining true to the idea of Latif Issa, who founded this great company.

Primarily, Issa enjoyed its success in the Mexico market. For years, the business has tried to break into the American marketplace with a range of wood bedroom, dining, and casual furniture that deviates from the conventional rustic designs associated with Mexican furnishings.

While the company has sold customers in the United States in the past, it appears that its revised conventional, transitional, and contemporary designs are finding more appeal to Americans with each passing year. The massive popularity of Issa's Urbana collection is the most recent illustration of this. The line is now selling like hotcakes in the United States.

According to Issa Sales and Product Development Specialist Jason Schoenfeld, Urbana features a "Mid-Century Modern meets contemporary" design concept.

The Mid-Century Modern Urbana collection comprises furniture for the bedroom, dining room, casual, entertainment, and workplace. It includes three beds: a fully upholstered bed, a wood panel bed, and an upholstered panel bed, as well as complimentary case pieces, such as a swivel armoire with a mirror on one side and vertical storage and shelves on the other sides.  There are additional side tables, entertainment consoles, and a desk and chair in the collection. It's pretty easy to see why this ensemble is racking in enormous revenue for Issa. It's simply gorgeous.

According to several interior designers, the styling is mainly connected with what today's younger buyers want for their houses. While there is still a demand for most of the rustic furniture that Mexico is known for, it has had to diversify its style.

Issa's 300,000-square-foot plant in Delicias, about 285 miles south of El Paso, employs about 330 people and produces the Urbana and many other product lines. The company, which was started in 1975, has been exporting for nearly three decades, principally as a component manufacturer and an OEM manufacturer of finished goods for other distributors.

Today, the United States accounts for around 25% of Issa's revenue. The remaining 75% goes to the Mexican market, implying that the company creates products that different countries can genuinely appreciate. As orders continue to come in, the percentage going to the US market could slowly rise in the following months.

While Mexico has not been immune to some of the world's supply chain difficulties, such as material shortages, the country is still simpler to reach. It has significantly shorter lead times of a few weeks than several months or longer in Asia.

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  • If you’re looking for traditional, rustic Mexican furniture but with impressive improvements, Issa Muebles is the right place.
  • They have a very diverse product line, ensuring that your options are wide and you can be flexible with your styling.
  • They have been in the furniture industry for more than 30 years, sporting great production expertise to bring you high-quality items.
  • Their bedroom collections are particularly stunning. You can never go wrong with their Mid-Century Modern Urbana collection.
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