Inval America, LLC is a small furniture manufacturer that offers a variety of products. Inval America was founded in 2010 and became widely known for marketing and distributing its products and services in the Furniture Industry. The company first established Ready to Assemble (RTA) products specifically for your home, business, and office. Their main headquarters is also in Miami, Florida, which handles all the service needs of customers across North America.

You can find all your furniture needs in Inval America since they have a wide selection for office, bedroom, kitchen, living room, storage, bathrooms, and pets. Inval America is known to cater to all the customer needs when it comes to furniture. And notable in using high-quality materials in all of their products. The company also makes a marvelous furniture collection from the classic style, simple style, set furniture, and more.  

The company furniture products and collections are some of the best types of furniture that you can find. Inval America is notable for a storage cabinet, a laura collection computer desk, a computer work center, a laura collection work center, and a corner TV stand.

Inval America also partnered with a family-owned manufacturing company located in Columbia, South America. This company has been manufacturing furniture since 1965 and sells its products across South America and the Caribbean. It has a perfect location, which is near the Colombian Pacific ports. It allows a smooth and fast delivery in the North American ports, specifically East, West, and Gulf Coast. It has created a long-term partnership in making RTA products for your home and office for over 70 years now. They prove their expertise in providing their customers with the highest quality of furniture and dominating the furniture market.

The International Organization for Standards (ISO) awarded Inval America its ISO certification. ISO certification is a seal approval given to companies and organizations that meet the requirements of producing products of a high-quality standard. You are safe and assured that the Inval America products you are getting meet the expectation of experts. Their products also go through tests for their quality, consistency, and safety.

Inval America is also part of the Business Alliance for Secure Commerce (BASC). It is an international non-profit organization that aims to promote secured international trade. Up to this date, the company is in BASC V-3 level certification and continues to be certified and meet the requirements.

Inval America has a mission to be a dedicated furniture company that aims to promote, distribute, and deliver high-quality products to its customers. They also make sure that they meet the customer's demands of needing new products and technology.

Many of their customers also share reviews online that mention how perfect, durable, and high quality the furniture they received is. 

At Interiorbeat, we are thrilled to have Inval America products. Our goal is to provide you with the best brands and retailers that cater to your furniture and interior needs. With that, we want to introduce you to the right products, from the exact brand and the right place you should look for them.

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  • Inval America is a mid-range furniture brand that offers RTA products and partnered with a trusted manufacturer in Columbia to give quality, safety, and durability amongst all varieties of their products.
  • The company has a wide selection of products that make it easier to mix and match products and find the perfect products for your home.
  • They are ISO certified and a member of the Business Alliance for Secure Commerce (BASC), which ensures the quality of the product and safety.
  • Many reviews mention how great their products are in terms of quality, durability, and style.
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