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Inspired Home Co. is based in New York City and specializes in creating informal, mid-century modern, glam style, and fashionable furniture inspired by the city's culture. This business is recognized for offering high-quality, fashion-forward items at reasonable pricing. They claim to be a one-of-a-kind combination of modern and glam design, with an emphasis on detail, comfort, and usefulness. Inspired Home Co. is known for its high-end finishes and spectacular design furnishings. For your living room, bedroom, home office, and dining space, they provide a range of modern, glam, transitional, classic, contemporary, and mid-century modern designs.

The firm believes that its surroundings continue to inspire them as it was born and bred in New York City. They were inspired by contemporary New York City, where the fusions of old and new designs can be seen on every street, and set out to develop furniture that followed suit: timeless styles that stand out while blending in.

The Signature Collection represents the best of the company's offerings. This collection has a broad range of beautiful aesthetics and practical ideas. Their flagship pieces are traditional, contemporary designs, modern accents, and high-end finishes. The trademark collection includes pieces for both the living room and the bedroom. All of the patterns are available in a variety of colors and materials.

The Inspired Home Navy Velvet Dining Chair is one of their most renowned pieces. This piece is described as both timeless and contemporary. It is dramatic and sophisticated, beautiful and grand, delicate but regal, and will go with any décor motif. This chair adds extra sitting to any space, including the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, living room, and foyer, and mixes well with a range of décor. This chair symbolizes ease and refinement in modern décor, thanks to its gently curved fluid-structure and ancient atmosphere. The chair is embellished with gleaming chrome handcrafted nailhead trim around the seat's base and up the sides, giving it a one-of-a-kind aesthetic that combines comfort and flair. These chairs are highly attractive and offer great comfort thanks to their classic design and diamond button tufting feature in the back of the seat in leather PU, velvet, or linen upholstery. These chairs will be your visitors' favorites thanks to their sleek and comfy classic hourglass delicate form, and extra charm from the flared back mocha finish legs.

The brand also specializes in producing high-quality living room furniture. Take their Casandra High Gloss Console Table, for example, which provides a dazzling radiance to any décor. The opulent appeal is enhanced by the high gloss exquisite finish, transparent acrylic legs, and polished stainless steel frame on the bottom. Its refined profile and graceful modern design make a standout statement in any environment. Its open-air design and trendy transparent acrylic legs keep the visuals in your living area clean. This console table will lend a designer touch to any setting; it may be used as a foyer table, entryway console table, living room accent table, console table behind the couch/sofa, or dining room table. The two smooth sliding drawers provide additional storage capacity with metal pull-out knobs, which may be used to store and organize keys, jewelry, hair accessories, cosmetics, and other knickknacks.

They've been committed to building their distinctive yet inexpensive furniture collections for our consumers since 2015. They've set out to rethink the old, challenge the new, and encourage designers and customers to infuse their homes with a fresh taste. They promise to do thorough research, market forecasting, and product development from concept through factory production and marketing. They then distribute their exceptional collections through trusted partnerships with niche furniture stores, national retailers, and significant domestic and international internet retail channels. Their warehouses are positioned outside of the city core to give the most remarkable distribution. Because its two warehouses are positioned on the east and west coasts, they can distribute swiftly throughout the country. Interiorbeat has a beautiful selection of its products.

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  • This company is known for providing high-quality, fashionable items at a fair price.
  • Inspired Home Co. is recognized for its luxurious finishes and eye-catching design furniture.
  • They've set out to rethink the old, challenge the new, and inspire designers and buyers to inject new flavor into their homes. This is the place to go if you're a consumer who's weary of the same old furnishings.
  • Because the organization is recognized for conducting rigorous research, market forecasting, and product development, you'll be ahead of the curve with new ideas and emerging trends.
  • All of the company's products are manufactured and assembled in the United States.