A house must, without a doubt, be attractive. That's a given. Even yet, if it smells terrible, it may be pretty unpleasant to live in. Cooking gourmet meals regularly, having a newborn, and having pets are just a few variables that might mess up a home's interior scent. Even the most sanitary families are sometimes subjected to unpleasant odors whose sources are unclear. However, there is always a workaround to it, and here is where ILLUME comes in.

ILLUME mixes wonderful scents with elegant, ecological design to create a home fragrance that smells nice, burns clean, and inspires. "Whatever you do, do it beautifully," their corporate slogan urges. They make it their aim to offer beauty to your house in the form of lovely fragrances, from wax to wick and everything in between. They recognize that the minor details often provide the most satisfaction. Therefore they carefully created every curve, nook, and cranny. Here at Interiorbeat, you'll undoubtedly discover your new favorite ILLUME goods.

ILLUME is committed to learning about and satisfying the requirements of its customers. They will create and produce the most appropriate goods to match your demands, whether you're searching for a turn-key home, bath, or body fragrance program. The company creates products for some of the most well-known brands in the fragrance, bath & body, and home fashion industries, as well as major department and retail stores. Based in Minneapolis, the company offers full-line, automated manufacturing, in-house sourcing capabilities for domestic and international markets, a state-of-the-art lab and R&D department, exquisite product creation, design, and trend knowledge, and experienced graphic and package designers. Talk about a well-rounded group.

The ILLUME Holiday collection stands out in particular among their offerings. They feature a variety of scents in this collection, but one that is very popular is the Woodfire scent. To create the perfect fireplace smell, seductive cedarwood and smoke notes combine with rich patchouli leaves and toasty vanilla. This product is handcrafted in the United States and contains metal and lead-free wick. It will undoubtedly make an excellent Christmas present for friends and family.

This company's ideation process, interestingly enough, is thought to be delightfully peculiar. They take enormous ideas and inspiration, they say, then compound them until they're muddy and unmanageable, just the way they want it. Then they begin to refine. They work together every day to turn their boldest ideas become your favorite new find. They vow to always defy traditions in order to create only the most attractive products possible. This strange take on brainstorming seems to work well with ILLUME, and it is exemplified in yet another one of their best sellers, the Coconut Milk Mango Scented Soy Candles.

This beautiful tropical smell is created by infusing island pineapple, freshly-sliced mango, luscious papaya, and coconut milk with sugarcane and Tahitian vanilla. This product, which is also handcrafted in the United States, is lead-free, has a lovely highlighted finish, and is, of course, a fantastic holiday present.

Because of their devotion to the environment, they've created a variety of unique natural wax compositions and exclusively use lead-free cotton wicks. The company also uses many other environmentally friendly approaches in the creation and marketing of its goods. ILLUME also sports excellent corporate social responsibility measures. They claim to strictly abide by ethical guidelines regarding manufacturing, import and export, and most importantly, employment. They also take part and sometimes sponsor charitable events for worthy causes.

ILLUME is a 200-employee Minnesota-based firm that is a market leader in home fragrance and personal care. Their items are sold in 4,500 specialty and department stores throughout the world and are noted for their quality, style, and trend. This business generates over $20 million in annual revenue across all of its sites.

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  • ILLUME combines great perfumes with an attractive, environmentally friendly design to produce a home fragrance that smells great, burns cleanly, and invigorates any room.
  • ILLUME has 20 years of manufacturing expertise in this industry as of this writing.
  • ILLUME will design and manufacture the best products to meet your needs, whether you're looking for a complete home, bath, or body fragrance program.
  • The firm has a diverse group of employees. They have expertise in all areas of the company on staff, ensuring a satisfactory product experience for you.
  • Those who are always on the lookout for anything different will appreciate ILLUME's distinctive approach to product development.
  • The organization's environmental efforts and corporate social responsibility initiatives are outstanding.
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