Iceberg creates long-lasting, sturdy workplace furniture that encourages growth and cooperation in fast-paced settings. They are one of the most trustworthy names in the industry.

Iceberg Enterprises, an award-winning office equipment company founded in 2000, is devoted to inventing innovative perspectives on traditional goods that perform over time while providing consumers with the greatest value available. They excel in folding tables and collaborative boards for a wide range of applications, including the home, business, break rooms, and more.  Thousands of workers around the country have used their furniture to interact, develop, and increase productivity in dynamic workplaces for years.

Shelving, foldable seats, stack chairs, boardroom tables, multipurpose tables, and various other products are among the different product lines available from Iceberg. Their scientific approach to product creation is something they also take pride in. They currently have ten patents to their credit.

Their environmental initiatives are also impressive. In fact, Iceberg launched a new range of table goods in 2019 with the primary purpose of using eco-friendly materials. Iceberg claims always to seek methods to fulfill their social duty while creating fantastic items for your life. This new collection of Eco-tables is built from recycled post-consumer plastic. These items are just as adaptable as their renowned 20" x 30" personal folding table. They are helpful in a variety of ways, and they have the extra virtue of being created from post-consumer recycled plastic. These new, commercial-grade, heavy-duty tables are dent-resistant and easy to clean. They're light, portable, and simple to set up. This multi-functional table also folds up for easy storage. These tables are definitely a must-have for any office.

Every day, the Iceberg team strives to create and manufacture workplace items that will help you be more productive and successful. The ingredients that make up a pleasant setting are different for each person. After all, we're all constructed uniquely. Iceberg believes that rather than the other way around, your workstations and worktables should adapt to your physical demands. For this reason, Iceberg offers a diverse group of height-adjustable desks of various sizes and shapes which can be modified to fit you. In a sit-to-stand situation, you may adjust the height of your work environment as often as you please. Perhaps you will find your ideal height and be pleased and comfortable with it. In either case, you are in command. The pneumatic desk is one of their most popular new sit-to-stand devices. There are no electrical cables because its mechanism is air-powered; therefore, there is no need to plug it in. These Iceberg workstations are stylish and come with wheels for convenient mobility. With the touch of a button, they may be adjusted according to your taste. These ergonomic tables are sure to add value to your home office.

Iceberg is also a big believer in collaboration. This is why they also offer some of the most well-liked visual board items in the market today. The Clarity Glass Insert-able Dry Erase Board is one of these items. Start printing your schedules, charts, calendars, logos, or artwork and set them behind this product's quality reinforced glass dry erase panel. Easy-to-use clamps hold your standard-sized template in place beneath the glass surface, and its markers glide across the surface quickly and erase cleanly without leaving any stains or ghosting. These boards may be mounted vertically or horizontally, have rapid graphic changes, and use standard backdrop sheet sizes for ease of usage. It also comes with two templates and a clip-on eraser/marker tray. Hospitals, production departments, and sales offices will benefit from this item. You may find these products and more at Interiorbeat.

At present, Iceberg Enterprises has almost 500 employees across its locations, and it enjoys more than 5 million dollars a year in revenue.

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  • Iceberg creates long-lasting, sturdy workplace furniture in fast-paced environments.
  • They have more than 20 years of experience in the industry.
  • Iceberg Enterprises is an award-winning office equipment company devoted to inventing innovative perspectives on traditional items.
  • Iceberg has multiple patents under its belt.
  • This company's initiatives towards preserving the environment are truly remarkable. Their newest product lines even incorporate recycled plastics.
  • They manufacture all their products in the United States.
  • They make some of the best collaborative items in the industry. You'll find some of the best visual boards from Iceberg.
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