Homelegance Inc., based in Fremont, California, is an American international firm that designs, produces, and wholesales furniture in the U.S, Canada, and other countries worldwide.

Homelegance, Inc.'s stated purpose is to provide the finest quality, overall value, and service offered for the price and category of products supplied. Their wide range of products is suitable for every lifestyle and environment. Homelegance, being a one-stop shop for all things home, has design ideas for every area.

They currently have two locations in Fremont, California and Santa Fe Springs, California, three in Texas, one in Illinois, one in Atlanta, Georgia, one in Cranbury, New Jersey, one in Orlando, Florida, and two in Canada, thanks to years of innovation and expansion. In terms of its growth, they have been relatively successful.

The company makes dining room, bedroom, and living room furniture, among other things. Homelegance Furniture offers a broad selection of designs, from classic pieces with delicate wood details to more contemporary works with clean edges.

The Cumberland Collection is one of Homelegance Furniture's most popular product lines today. The bedroom furniture in this set has a lovely dark brown color. A platform bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror, and other items from the Cumberland Collection are available. It's easy to discover anything from Homelegance Furniture that matches your design concept, no matter what it is. There are numerous alternatives to choose from, whether you want a tufted bed or a trendy curio cabinet.

The Motsinger Bedroom Collection, their newest collection, is a stunning set. It includes a bed in your preferred size, a nightstand, mirror, dresser, and chest drawer. The Motsinger Collection's style is created by combining traditional accents with rusticated design. Wire-brushed rustic brown finishes solid acacia veneers, highlighting the wood's distinctive texture. The brown cloth headboard has button tufting and provides a friendly contrasting tone to the rest of the collection's finish. Each item of the series is supported by bun feet. The drawers of the dresser, chest, and nightstand are adorned with knobs and bar hardware.

Another distinguishing feature of Homelegance is its ability to diversify its product offerings to appeal to a more extensive range of clients. For example, their Youth Bedroom collections are designed exclusively for teenagers and pre-teens. The Cinderella Collection, in particular, is a dream come true for any little girl. The Victorian theme uses flower pattern hardware and antique carving features to emulate the atmosphere of a fairy tale bedroom. When combined with the numerous case pieces and daybeds, the vintage white with grey rub-through surface gives you flexibility in arrangement and décor within your available space.

Their workplace collections aren't an afterthought, either. The Frazier Park Collection, for example, is a gorgeous collection of office and home workstation furniture. The classic style of the Frazier Park Collection will let you establish a home office atmosphere that reflects your love for traditional rooms, with a subtle lodge aesthetic that draws inspiration from American history. The dark cherry treatment, which accentuates the veneer, gives the wood grain a deep character. The writing desk's practical drawers are fronted by horizontal fixed knob hardware, which adds a subtle contrast to the collection's surface. The open-base writing desk's tabletop is an excellent addition to a smaller workplace, giving a helpful space – complete with drawer storage. The bookcase's drawers and offset behind-door storage provide discreet storage for your personal effects, while the unit shelves allow practical access to your publicly displayed stuff.

Homelegance has established itself as one of the leading producers of exquisite furnishings for various rooms and settings around the country. This firm generates over $10 million in yearly revenue and employs over 200 people across its many locations.

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  • As a one-stop store for all things home, Homelegance features design ideas for every room.
  • Furniture comes in a variety of styles, ranging from traditional pieces with delicate wood accents to more contemporary pieces with clean edges.
  • They have a wide range of works that appeal to people of all ages. Their Youth Bedroom sets are ideal for teenagers and pre-adolescents.
  • They have a wide range of product selections. There are 158 different collections in one bedroom alone.