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Hirsh Industries creates and sells metal filing, storage, and organizational items for homes and businesses. For each workplace storage demand, they seem to have a solution. These items work together to provide a storage solution that is comprehensive, useful, and elegant. Hirsh has always pursued an ambitious growth plan that includes both organic and inorganic expansion and acquisitions. Government, education, and commercial industries all benefit from their growing line of value-designed goods. They take pride in supplying high-quality goods with outstanding value to end-users, as well as supply chain expertise and world-class customer service.

The current product categories are commercial-grade vertical, lateral, and pedestal file cabinets, small office/home office file cabinets, free-standing storage shelving units, filing accessories, and other related goods. Hirsh Industries has been in business since 1924, founded as the W.P. Johnson Company, a metal fabricating company. It was renamed SteelWorks in 1989, and the firm continued to flourish as the industry leader in filing goods. As the firm's major product lines evolved to include professional quality filing and shelving equipment, as well as a more fantastic range of small and home office file cabinets, the company changed its name to Hirsh Industries in 1999, and new product lines have been developed every year since then.

Hirsh Industries' aim is to give its customers innovative, high-quality goods of outstanding value while exceeding their service expectations. They aspire to be the lowest-cost manufacturer of all produced items while still delivering excellent service and value. In terms of production competence, product innovation, and marketing, they intend to be at the forefront of their industry categories. To maintain continuity in product quality and company operations, they claim to utilize nothing but the best business practices. They also plan to expand the business in order to lower their distribution expenses. As a result of this unrelenting drive, they have emerged as one of the leading providers in their niche.

Hirsh acknowledges that its initiatives should result in an exciting and happy workplace, well-known brands, and a higher profit margin for the shareholders. Hirsh seeks to create a safe, healthy, and dynamic work environment by always being ethical in their relationships with workers, customers, and suppliers. This company has a reputation for being able to communicate effectively and freely in order to deliver high-quality goods that suit specific client requirements. Their service appears to be a hit with many consumers around the world.

Hirsh Industries takes every attempt to do business in a manner that is ecologically friendly. They are dedicated to following all relevant environmental laws and guidelines, and they know that lowering the environmental effect of their goods and activities is a critical component of the value they provide. They abide by all applicable environmental laws and regulations, and they run their plant with all required licenses, certifications, and operating controls. They're also recognized for designing all goods to be safe to use and to have the least amount of adverse environmental effect possible.

They claim to have always been governed by the notion of continual improvement in environmental performance and that they make an effort to educate staff about their policies and establish a commitment to the environment as a corporate value. When the market allows, they also try to acquire, sell, and utilize ecologically valuable items. Environmentalism is at the center of the company's corporate philosophy, according to executives, who are constantly reviewing their Environmental "Green" Statement to ensure it stays suitable given the nature, size, and environmental implications of their operations, goods, and services. As a result, Hirsh is able to achieve high levels of performance by implementing these goals into its corporate strategy and decision-making to guarantee that its objectives are met.

Operating under technically four brands, namely HIRSH, Hirsh Industries, Space Solutions, and Hirsh Industries Mexico, this conglomerate has more than 600 employees across its sites and makes almost 200 million dollars a year in revenue.

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  • Hirsh goods are really well-coordinated; these pieces work together to provide a storage solution that is both comprehensive and stylish.
  • They've been in business for almost a century and have a slew of patents to their credit.
  • As a workplace storage supplier, Hirsh has been entrusted by a variety of organizations in the government, education, and commercial sectors.
  • Hirsh takes pride in providing end-users with high-quality items at a great value, as well as supply chain knowledge and world-class customer support.
  • They've always been guided by the idea of continuous improvement in environmental performance, as well as the idea of educating employees about their policies and establishing environmental dedication as a corporate value.