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Hillsdale Furniture is a leading provider of home furnishings in the United States. Hillsdale has been bringing you furniture styling and design from across the world since 1994, combining the expertise of both nationally known designers and globally acknowledged factories to provide you with furniture styling and design that adds beauty to any house. Hillsdale has risen to the top of buyers' shopping lists because of its diverse selection, great customer service, and overall value for money.

Hillsdale offers a wide range of beautiful goods in ten separate collections, each of which is distinctive and cute in its own way. Modern design meets mixed media construction in Hillsdale Furniture's Jennings Dining Collection. The Jennings Collection, with faded walnut wood and brown studded metal accents, adds an unusual spin to a classic and beloved style. This set includes a variety of lovely bar stools, dining sets, and dining tables. The Jennings Table stands out in this set with a rectangular top made of distressed wood and embellished with brown studded metal. Surprisingly, this item is also available in a counter-height version. Its distressed wood finish and double base with metal hardware add to the impression of craftsmanship and atmosphere. It seats six people comfortably and requires some assembly by the end-user.

Their Tuscan Retreat decorative pieces are handcrafted renditions of the ancient world and rustic furniture. Each item is made of new and refurbished wood to give it the look of a century-old heirloom. The finishing is done by hand, from sandblasting and scraping. Each piece's individuality is enhanced by each nick, knot, nail hole patch, and aged crack. The LaRose Cabinet, on the other hand, is distinguished by its mixed media construction and beautiful craftsmanship. The LaRose is a basic stand-out with four roomy drawers, featuring a top drawer with a key-shaped handle. It comes in dove gray and antique white finishes, making it suitable for various styles. Hillsdale's Montello dining outfit exudes drama and grandeur. Sweeping interlocking circles, exquisite complimentary castings, and gracefully curving legs come together to create a set that exudes grace, movement, and beauty. The aged imitation leather seats and antique stainless metal finish make this assortment a show-stopper.

Hillsdale Kids and Teens, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hillsdale, is an excellent addition to the company's arsenal. NE Kids, acquired by Hillsdale Furniture in 2015, has specialized in juvenile bedroom furniture for the previous ten years. Hillsdale has also been creating and marketing junior bedroom furniture for the past 15 years. Hillsdale Kids and Teens, which opened in 2017, will provide both NE kids and Hillsdale youth furnishings—combining brands into a single comprehensive brand resulting in a more broad line-up that caters to a wider variety of retailing price points and logistical requirements. Hillsdale Kids and Teen is dedicated to creating complete furniture collections for children that foster a joyful atmosphere, challenge the imagination, and encourage creativity. Hillsdale Kids and Teen furniture is designed with a lifestyle in mind. Their items include a wide range of home furnishings for kids. They are confident that they have a solution to match your demands, from desks, chairs, and bookcases to mattresses, bunks, captain beds, and loft systems. Their selections are diverse, with alternatives for sleeping, studying, and storing. Hillsdale Kids and Teen, as usual, prioritizes safety.

Hillsdale is an expert in specialized areas like bar and counter stools, designer beds and daybeds, bedroom furniture, casual dining, and accessories. No one cares more about design than they do. After all, their designers are the ones who own the business. For almost two decades, they've been dedicated to developing a diverse product line complemented with elegantly designed furniture, all at an affordable price. They are the industry leader in home decor because of their unrivaled devotion. They stand behind their brand and keep their promise to bring the highest quality and value directly to your door every day. They curate new and varied designs by taking a lifestyle approach to furniture. Traditional, transitional, and modern designs are all available, and they have a unique, even eclectic, inventive take on classic styles. They understand that no two rooms are the same size or have the same style, and they are convinced that they have the right piece to finish your house.

Integrity, enthusiasm, creativity, and quality are the main principles of this organization. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, United States, Hillsdale Furniture has 152 total employees across all of its locations and generates $47.00 million in sales annually.

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  • Hillsdale has been giving you furniture style and design from all around the world, combining the experience of well-known designers and qualified factories to present you with furniture that enhances the attractiveness of any home.
  • They have nearly two decades of experience in the field.
  • Because of its selection, customer service, and value, Hillsdale has moved to the top of purchasers' shopping lists.
  • Their selections are pretty diversified, with a separate division dedicated only to children and teenagers.
  • By effectively taking a lifestyle approach to furniture, they curate fresh and different designs.
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