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Global started in 1966 as a small manufacturing business with only one product and a few staff. With six million square feet of production space and over 8,000 people, The Global Group of Companies is now the fifth-biggest global producer, marketer, and dealer of office furniture and other goods, delivering more than 200,000 items to market every week.

The aim to bring creative, technologically sophisticated, and inexpensive goods to market that suit the demands of its consumers is at the core of Global. The company now produces tens of thousands of goods in various designs and pricing points. Unlike most other organizations, Global continues to spend extensively in vertical integration to manufacture its goods. Vertical integration ensures improved product design, uniform product quality, and prompt distribution. Office, reception, and task chairs; laminate and wood veneer desking systems; metal file and storage items; panel systems; and ergonomic furniture and accessories are among the goods manufactured by Global.

Global followed its clients into the international arena, establishing marketing, production, and distribution centers in important places worldwide. Global's substantial North American operations are now supplemented by new sites in the UK and Europe, the Far East and Australia, and South America most recently. North American marketing is based on a network of over 2,000 dealers and 22 strategically situated distribution locations. Find their delightful products here at Interiorbeat.

Global had engaged in "Earth Friendly" projects even before government-issued legislation addressing environmental preservation. Reforestation projects and the abolition of tropical woods and ozone-depleting chemicals were among them. The entity continues to invest in innovative technologies that might lessen the ecological effect of its production operations, having received ISO 14001 certifications. 

Global has proven its manufacturing excellence repeatedly with its numerous awards from various institutions and categories. These awards add up to nearly a hundred. This entity's growth and commercial success have always depended on the inseparable parts of research and design. They've worked together to assist Global in building a broad range of proprietary goods and services to meet customers' demands. They have a specialized team of renowned designers, manufacturing engineers, analysts, scientists, and ergonomists, all of whom are backed by cutting-edge technology, to guarantee that research and product development stay at the forefront of the industry. Global also employs scouts who traverse the globe searching for new technologies and manufacturing techniques.

More than 8,000 full-time workers make up the Global family, the company's heart and soul. Global has a distinct culture: it is a true brotherhood of equals, with over fifty countries and languages represented. Second-generation sons and daughters of long-serving workers are now joining the company. Global workers are highly talented and enterprising, and they collaborate in a friendly and respectful manner to keep each project going ahead. Employees are, without a doubt, one of the company's most precious assets. They even distribute a significant portion of income to employees. Employees worldwide benefit from their individual and team efforts, with a production-incentive program that promotes proposals for improving procedures and lowering costs, a comprehensive benefits package, and a special profit-sharing program. More significantly, Global is really concerned about the well-being and growth of each individual. Global considers its large and diverse network of dealers and consumers to be family members, as many of these people have been with the company since the beginning. They, too, have been joined by second-generation family members, much like Global employees.

Global Contract, one of their subsidiaries, was founded in 1993 to bring the Global concept of value and excellence to end-users and specifiers. Global Contract's completely integrated array of systems furniture delivers effective corporate solutions. Their strategy to the contract furniture sector is to concentrate on client needs, produce solutions that reduce ownership costs, and increase customer happiness.

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  • Global is one of the top furniture manufacturing companies in the world for a good reason. You'll never go wrong with their products.
  • Global has proven its manufacturing excellence time and time again with its numerous awards from various institutions and categories. These awards add up to nearly a hundred.
  • Global had engaged in "Earth Friendly" projects even before there was government-issued legislation addressing environmental preservation.
  • This company values its people and has been documented to create a delightful working atmosphere for its employees worldwide.
  • Global's commercial success has always depended on the inseparable parts of research and design. With multiple patents under the company, you can rest assured of their expertise.
  • Global has more than 50 years of manufacturing experience.
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