Floortex is the world's leading manufacturer of chair mats and floor protection mats for use in the office and at home. This brand, which has been in business for over 19 years, has a global network of associates and dealers in over 40 countries. The headquarters and logistics of Floortex USA LLC are located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Floortex's main office is in the United Kingdom, while European logistics is situated in Germany.

Floortex consistently provides superior quality and an unequaled choice of mats at great value for money, thanks to an innovative design team, a professional understanding of resources and materials, and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility situated in the UK. Floortex is known for its cutting-edge products, high-quality manufacturing, and exceptional customer service.

Today, their chair mats are regarded as their flagship product. The average workplace chair travels eight miles each year, causing floor damage and wear over time. While replacing your broken flooring or pricey carpet is feasible, using a Floortex chair mat to avoid damage is far more cost-efficient! The strength and durability of Floortex chair mats are thoroughly tested to safeguard carpets and hard surfaces from wear and tear. Chair mats can provide an easy-glide surface with ergonomic advantages in addition to preserving flooring. Floortex provides a chair mat to fit every work area and user, in all sizes and shapes, for both office towers and home offices, and in a variety of price points.

Floortex, as the leading manufacturer of surface protection mats, is responsible for developments such as the launch of polycarbonate chair mats and the addition of anti-microbial and anti-static technology to its offerings. Floortex offers a diverse selection of high-quality mats in a variety of materials, giving customers options based on their intended usage, budget, and workspace design. Floortex is a responsible company that utilizes renewable energy to make its items, incorporates recycled plastic material whenever feasible, and assures that its chair mats are recyclable.

Floortex chair mats are made in Belfast, Northern Ireland. For them to guarantee that they meet and maintain the highest standards, their modern production facilities are backed up by technical assistance and quality control systems. Floortex is a forward-thinking firm that creates new floor protection solutions and offers new materials to the market ahead of the industry. Floortex evaluates its production process on a regular basis to identify methods to enhance product performance and longevity. The extensive warranties on all Floortex items demonstrate their dedication to quality and dependability.

The logistics department of Floortex is critical to the company's success. Floortex's warehousing and logistics operations are situated in Tennessee, United States of America. To guarantee that they satisfy the demands of clients all around the world, they have European logistics and warehouses in Germany, as well as a number of reputable distributors in other countries. You can trust Floortex to provide seamless supply to all types of distributors, from large wholesale organizations that require several pallet deliveries to smaller e-commerce businesses that want a customer drop-ship service. You can browse all Floortex offerings right here at Interiorbeat.

The product research teams here concentrate on developing new surface protection solutions for the market. Their specialized sales support and customer care staff, who look after new and existing clients all around the world, are also based at the Floortex UK headquarters. They engage with rep groups and individual clients on a frequent basis to guarantee that all of their demands are satisfied.

Floortex recognizes its environmental responsibility as a reputable manufacturer and distributor of plastic goods and is committed to decreasing plastic waste. Their cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Belfast contains a wind turbine and, more recently, a solar farm, both of which provide electricity for the production of Floortex chair mats. Floortex evaluates its production methods on a regular basis to guarantee that they are doing all that's necessary to reduce plastic waste. All Floortex chair mats are 100 percent recyclable. Floortex is a leading maker of Polycarbonate protection products, and they were the first to employ this material in chair mats. Because polycarbonate is so sturdy and long-lasting, clients don't have to replace or update their chair mats as frequently as they would with other brands made of less durable materials. This helps to limit the quantity of post-consumer plastic trash that harms the environment and, in particular, the seas.

Floortex is a reputable company with over 200 workers and over $20 million in yearly revenue.

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  • Floortex is the world's leading maker of office and residential chair mats and floor protection mats.
  • This company has a global network of partners and dealers in over 40 countries and has been in business for over 19 years.
  • Thanks to an innovative design team, expert understanding of resources and materials, and a state-of-the-art production plant, Floortex continuously produces outstanding quality and an unrivaled selection of mats at great value for money.
  • Their environmental efforts are remarkable, going above and above in terms of environmental protection.
  • As the leading maker of surface protection mats, Floortex is responsible for innovations like the introduction of polycarbonate chair mats and the inclusion of anti-microbial and anti-static technologies to its chair mat lineup.
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