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Flagship Carpets is the leading manufacturer of colorful and innovative rugs and carpets perfect for schools, nurseries, or playrooms. Aside from educational carpets, they also provide flooring for entertainment areas such as bowling alleys, theaters, and arcade rooms. Created with state-of-the-art processes, Flagship Carpets delivers a serving of fun and personality to any space.

In business for over 40 years now, this family-owned business has built up a reputation for being one of the most trustworthy and reliable carpet and rug manufacturers around. They use the most globally advanced and innovative printing machinery, resulting in crisp, colorful, and striking carpet images that blow their competition away. Flagship Carpets pride themselves on being unparalleled in both quality and style when it comes to fun flooring.

With a focus on brightening and enhancing learning environments, Flagship Carpets has a vast collection of fun and colorful rugs that would undoubtedly be a hit with children and adults of all ages. Designs range from block-colored rugs to ones with exciting prints such as letters, shapes, numbers, and animals to help kids learn about the world around them while having fun. Their carpets are used in classrooms and nurseries worldwide, a great testament to the quality and passion they put into every product.

Aside from academic areas, Flagship Carpets are also found in various entertainment settings. With the ability to create rugs that provide an ethereal glow with a blacklight, they are the go-to manufacturers of cinemas and bowling theaters. There is a wide range of fun and boldly colorful patterns to choose from, and you are guaranteed to receive a strikingly clear carpet that will add the necessary funky atmosphere to your entertainment room.

Flagship Carpets pride themselves on being the only educational carpet supplier that is manufacturer direct, ensuring the highest quality for the price you’ll be paying. Everything is done in their processing center in Calhoun, Georgia. From yarn prep, tufting, and weaving to printing, cutting, storage, and distribution, a streamlined process from start to finish ensures that quality is monitored every step of the way and costs are kept at a minimum for both the consumer and the company.

Customer reviews for Flagship Carpets are highly positive, with most people commending their rugs’ designs, quality materials, and sturdiness. Children are delighted with the bright colors, and adults are pleased with the ease of cleaning. What more can you ask? 

We are proud to carry a collection of Flagship Carpets here at Interiorbeat, where we strive to offer you only the best when it comes to style, quality, and affordability. Whether you’re looking for the perfect rug for your classroom, home theater, or just any room in your house, Flagship Carpets has the right product for you!

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Why buy Flagship Carpets

  • Advanced, state-of-the-art machinery and processes ensure that you get carpets that are crisp, colorful, and built to last.
  • A wide variety of educational carpets offer colors and designs perfect for all kinds of learning environments.
  • Their collection of blacklight-lit rugs with a host of striking patterns is guaranteed to add fun and personality to entertainment areas.
  • Positive customer reviews praise their products’ designs, functionality, and ease of cleaning.
  • A streamlined process all done in-house makes sure that there is no mediator and customers get the lowest price for the best quality.
  • More than 40 years of experience in the industry has given Flagship Carpets the expertise to perfect their craft.
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