When it comes to wall clocks and home decor, no one does it better than FirsTime & Company. Specializing in timeless and well-crafted wall timepieces, this brand has been providing innovative designs and masterful artistry throughout the years, cultivating their process and mastering the art of creating products that add a flair of personality to every home.

FirsTime & Co was founded In 1990 by Christopher Bering, the president and CEO of the home decor company. His dedication and hard work gave rise to the massive growth and reputation that FirsTime has garnered through the years. Christopher states that being true to themselves and showing their unique perspectives differentiates them from other companies and provides them with the advantage of long-lasting relationships with customers. Their distinct outlook is evident in their collection’s wide variety of designs, making them a popular choice for those looking to furnish their homes with beautiful decor.

Aside from their world-class timepieces, FirsTime has also branched out to offer other types of home decor and even furniture. From mirrors and beds to wall art and accent rugs, there’s a wide variety of stylish fixtures perfect for every bedroom. For the living room, FirsTime offers a collection of furniture such as cabinets, coffee tables, and desks. Other furnishings such as lamps and outdoor decor, including fire pits, are also available. All of these products come in an assortment of styles, designs, and colors, guaranteeing a variety of choices to complete your dream home.

With a talented team of creative and innovative artisans at the helm of the company, it’s not surprising that every piece they produce is functional, well-made, and thoughtfully designed. Instead of imitating other designs or compromising quality for cheaper alternatives, the team behind FirsTime made the conscious choice to raise their design standards and increase the quality of the materials they use. This results in products that are not only elegant and world-class when it comes to style but also sturdy and built to last.

They have a worldwide network of suppliers, with manufacturing partners in the USA, Taiwan, Vietnam, China, India, Italy, and Egypt. FirsTime has invested a lot in ensuring that these manufacturers are the best among the rest in the industry and have procedures in place to reduce costs and waste, resulting in a lean, efficient, and streamlined process that benefits everybody. Products are then shipped to various distribution centers in the Midwest, East Coast, and West Coast, where hard-working teams provide extremely optimized logistics unparalleled in customer care.

Customer reviews of their products are very positive, with many praising the design, affordability, and ease of assembly of their timepieces. Here at Interiorbeat, we are proud to offer a collection of clocks from FirsTime. We strive to collate and provide only the best items for our customers, and when it comes to style and quality, there’s no better option than FirsTime.

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  • Adherence to innovative design and creativity ensures their products are always world-class and stylish.
  • Aside from their collection of wall clocks, FirsTime also offers a host of other products for your home, including mirrors, tables, accent pieces, and outdoor fixtures.
  • High-quality materials are used for every item, making them sturdy and prone to last.
  • They are committed to a lean and efficient process, resulting in less waste produced and reducing costs for consumers.
  • Customers are delighted with the price, beautiful designs, and ease of assembly of their products.
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