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Fireside Lodge began in 1998 as a maker of handmade cedar log furniture for a local market. Over the following several years, their product range expanded to encompass anything from hickory logs to salvaged wood, with styles ranging from their "rustic" beginnings to transitional, industrial, contemporary, and beyond.

Their items may now be found in furniture stores, hotels, resorts, lodges, restaurants, and houses all around North America, as well as far away as New Zealand. You can look for and buy them right here at Interiorbeat. Their 35,000 square foot workshop, nestled among Minnesota's forests and lakes, is where their skilled craftsmen labor, making stunning, heirloom-quality furniture that will last for generations. Beginning with hand-peeled logs and carefully picked salvaged barn wood beams, all the way to the last touch-ups of stain or attaching of hardware, pride in artistry is instilled in every piece. Rustic furniture for today's world is created by combining old-world ways with cutting-edge technology.

The Fireside Lodge's Appalachian Collection is one of their most recent and well-received collections. This is where rustic charm meets exquisite comfort, according to them. Look no farther than Fireside Lodge's Appalachian Collection for the right rustic furniture to bring a touch of nature into every area. The collection has handcrafted items made from an artisanal mix, making them genuinely unique and environmentally responsible. The Appalachian Collection will give the right blend of comfort and charm while still satisfying all of your hospitality needs, whether you like classic country living or a more contemporary lifestyle. Rustic furnishings should be used for more than just decoration. Every piece in the Fireside Lodge's Rustic Appalachian Collection is constructed from recycled barn wood and natural Hickory planks from the Appalachian area of the United States, giving each its unique personality and history. The Fireside Lodge Appalachian Collection is ideal for incorporating American heritage and rustic appeal into your home design. Every piece, you can be sure, has a unique narrative to tell.

On the other hand, Fireside Lodge's Woodshop Collection seeks to make bespoke furniture simple to create. To get the ideal interior design, you'll need the correct pieces of furniture to bring any house or company to life and demonstrate what you're trying to express with your personal style. The Woodshop Collection was created to provide consumers the chance by creating an entire collection centered on the notion of handcrafted furniture made simple. Because each item is handcrafted with the finest care and accuracy, the rustic Woodshop Collection is ideal for locating gorgeous bespoke wood furniture. The Woodshop Collection, which is now available in bedrooms, dining rooms, and communal areas, allows you to mix and match stain colors, wood textures, and even hardware to create a really unique piece. You won't have problems finding the appropriate hue for any space with four matching stain selections in two distinct textures: circular sawn and smooth: Charcoal, Coffee, Slate, and Wheat. In addition, the collection includes over a dozen hardware options, resulting in over 800 possible combinations. Anyone may receive precisely what they want without having to spend extra since each component is changeable through a series of easy options. Fireside Lodge Woodshop is the place to go if you're going to feel like you're in the ancient world. The collection has it all from rustic origins through transitional, industrial, modern, and beyond.

They rely on good old mother nature for all they make as a solid-wood furniture manufacturer. As a result, it is their utmost responsibility to pay extra attention to making ecologically conscious judgments. They've made a pledge to operate with the future in mind, whether it's through using low VOC and non-toxic paints and finishes or working as near to zero-waste as possible. Here are a few examples of how they keep their word: building with natural, upcycled barn wood instead of manufacturing it; using low VOC and non-toxic stains and finishes; using only CARB compliant plywood and operating with Lean Manufacturing standards; heating their facilities with wood chips and by-product in a smokeless boiler; and using each piece of their locally-gathered cedar, down to the last twig.

Situated in Pequot Lakes, Minnesota, Fireside Lodge Furniture is a modest but excellent company with more than 50 employees and more than 20 million dollars in annual revenue.

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  • Beginning with hand-peeled logs and carefully picked barn wood, all the way to the last touch-ups of stain, pride in workmanship is instilled in every piece.
  • Fireside Lodge Furniture has over 20 years of manufacturing experience.
  • They create heirloom-quality goods that will last a lifetime.
  • Their Woodshop Collection, which allows end-users to mix and match components, is an excellent collection for those who want a unique setup.
  • Fireside is a great place to look for stunning solid wood furniture.
  • Their environmental stewardship initiatives are admirable.
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