Euro Style is a furniture manufacturing and distribution corporation that offers a variety of console and coffee tables and lounge seats, desktops, file cabinets, stools, and sideboards. The company provides services to the retail, design, and hospitality industries.

Trig Liljestrand knew he wanted to build something remarkable since he was a small child in Sweden, and the issue was never "if," but "when." Trig seized the opportunity in 1985 to introduce contemporary Swedish design furnishings into the United States, and Euro Style was ultimately formed. Trig's goal was to make well-designed modern furniture inexpensive and accessible to the general public. Euro Style now works with over 20 manufacturers in five countries, some 30 years later. The Euro Style design team's unique and elegant designs necessitate a high level of quality and artistry and the use of the finest components. Since the beginning, Trig's philosophy has been constant: to provide Euro Style clients with the most outstanding available style and design at the best available pricing, quality, and value.

Reasonable pricing is at the heart of this company's philosophy. The right design should be priced appropriately. Euro Style is more than just a brand name – it's a comprehensive design approach. It's also a wholesale RTA furniture resource. Euro Style's furniture collections for the living room, bar, dining room, and workplace are constantly expanding, bringing cutting-edge modern style from European designers and manufacturers in Italy and Asia. Clients can order Euro Style items directly from the producer or through a US warehouse. Get them here at Interiorbeat.

Euro Style currently offers five product categories: Office, Bar, Dining, Occasional, and Outdoor. Their office supplies have been the most well-received of these. After all, if a cluttered desk equals a clogged mind, what will become of your productivity if you furnish your office with attractive, modern furniture? They say that their workstations, seats, and storage have been perfected so that you may clear your mind and concentrate on what counts. Redesign and inspire your workplace with incredible furniture and watch how it boosts your productivity. The Brooklyn Low Back Office Chair is the most popular item in this range. It's fascinating how one seat can be 'all-business' while yet being unbelievably comfy. The low, ribbed back contributes to the comfort, and the traditional office style indicates a sophisticated workplace. This item highlights soft leather over foam seat and back, chrome plated metal frame and base, and tilt function with locking position. This chair's components are also BIFMA-approved.

The Halle Desk is also worth mentioning. It is a beautiful design that combines aesthetics and functionality. This desk has a black steel base with adjustable feet and an American walnut wood veneer top and drawer. Thanks to its clean and straightforward shape and fine finishing, the Halle is at home in any office, from modern to historic. Interiorbeat has all of these items and more.

Euro Style has also made a concerted effort to revolutionize the way consumers buy furniture. For them, it all starts with the idea of constantly keeping near to each other, no matter how far apart they are. They aim to create an environment as close to attending a tradeshow as possible and viewing the items as close and personal as possible. As a result, they partnered with Matterport, a company specializing in 3D virtual experiences, to construct their own virtual showroom. Virtual shopping is fascinating not only because it can be accessed from anywhere but also because shoppers can bide their time, zoom in and out, and view the minute details of their purchases. Customers have requested that they continue maintaining these showrooms even when tradeshows take up again, based on the positive comments received thus far. Euro Style is aware of the abilities and innovative, creative solutions they have used in the last year and intends to continue using them in the future.

Euro Style has grown in popularity, concentrating on the most up-to-date trends in modern design. Euro Style now has permanent showrooms in both High Point, North Carolina, and Las Vegas, Nevada, and exhibits at the Hospitality/Contract Design Expo situated in Las Vegas. Euro Style manufactures and sells RTA contemporary furniture with facilities in Italy and East Asia. It has a 100,000 square-foot facility in Union City, California, where orders are processed and shipped the next day.

Euro Style has enjoyed steady growth and success over the years, and they now employ over 100 people across their locations. They make a respectable 10 million dollars in annual revenue.

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  • The company's mission is to make affordable, well-designed contemporary furniture available to the entire population.
  • The Euro Style design team's distinctive and exquisite ideas demand a high degree of quality and craftsmanship, as well as the best components.
  • This company has over 30 years of expertise in the field.
  • At the heart of this company's ideology is reasonable pricing. A good design should be reasonably priced.
  • Euro Style's living room, bar, dining room, and office furniture collections are constantly evolving, offering cutting-edge modern style from European designers and manufacturers in Italy and Asia.